Episode #116 - With Andy and Steve, Kristal and Thaleia.

Sanctity of Life

Episode #115 - With Andrea and Angela, Kristal and Thaleia.

Why don't Northview women wear head coverings?

Episode #114 - With Kristal and Thaleia.

Prayer Practices and Pitfalls

Episode #113 - With Greg, Kristal and Thaleia.

Moving Out

Episode #112 - With Kristal, Kendra and Tessa.

High School and College Transitions

Episode #111 - With Thaleia, Kristal, Jessica and Ava. Jessica Toews and Ava…


Episode #110 - With Thaleia, Kristal and Steve Kim.

Introducing Dwight

Episode #109 - With Thaleia, Kristal and Dwight Stephen.

The life of a School Trustee and SOGI

Episode #108 - With Cindy, Thaleia & Kristal.

International Adoption

Episode #107 - With Naomi, Angi, Thaleia & Kristal.