Hey there!

Welcome to Northview Community Church.

We exist to help people become deeply rooted followers of Jesus.

Whether you’re just exploring faith, or you’ve been a Christian all your life, you’re welcome here.



We gather together weekly because the Christian life is not meant to be walked alone. Having a strong community is essential to weathering the storms of life. It also makes the celebrations that much better.


We believe every follower of Jesus is on a lifelong journey to grow in their knowledge of God and their relationship with Jesus. We have community groups, bible studies, classes, and resources to help you on this journey. All of these opportunities are in community with others because, again, together is better.


We believe every follower of Jesus has been sent to be salt and light in the community and to tell others about Jesus. As you Gather and Grow you will begin to feel confident to share your faith with others.

Next Lunch: March 26

If you are new around here, we’d love to connect with you! We know Northview is a large church, and it might seem challenging to know how or where to get plugged in. If this is you – please join us for lunch in Center Court. There will be pastors there to warmly welcome you, share a bit about what you can expect at our church, and how you can get connected. We can’t wait to see you there!

If you didn’t have a chance to register for our March 26th lunch, don’t worry! We have another NTNV lunch coming up on April 30th. Registration will open soon!

April Reg'n Coming Soon


Our home base is our Downes Road Campus in Abbotsford, BC, and over the years we have added several campuses in the surrounding areas.  View Locations & Times

Arrive a few minutes early to grab a coffee or tea and say hello. If you have children ages 6 months to grade 5, head over to our Children’s Ministry to check them in for Kids Church. Then, head into the auditorium.

A typical service is 60-75 minutes long and begin with a couple of songs led by a full band. That is followed by a 30-45 minute sermon from the Bible. We also take communion together regularly and it’s totally acceptable to just watch and observe.

In all of these things, non-believers and observers are most welcome and no one is asked to do or say anything they are not comfortable with or ready for. Just enjoy the music and glean some wisdom from the Bible. When you’re ready to take a next step, we’d love to talk.

We have an info desk and friendly volunteers ready to answer any questions you may have.

Whatever you’re comfortable with! It’s normal to see many people wearing jeans and sneakers. It’s also very normal to see people in khakis and dress shoes. We are more casual than formal.

Yes! All of our campuses have a robust children’s ministry where they learn about Jesus in a fun and safe environment. 

Each of our campuses have slightly different programs but generally, our weekend services will have a children’s service for ages 6 months to 5th grade. You can learn more on our Kids Page.


Learn more about Middle School, High School.

Our Downes Road Campus offers supportive care during several services over the weekend.

“Imagine”, our Supportive Care Ministry, seeks to ensure that all families feel welcomed at Northview. We seek to partner alongside caregivers to ensure that each person is connected to a Christ-centred community, is growing spiritually, and is using their gifts to serve others. We seek to move beyond just the presence of those with physical, mental and/or developmental differences to create an atmosphere of belonging.

Imagine is available at our Downes Road Campus. More information HERE.

Wow. That’s a big question. The best place to learn about Northview and what we believe is at our Foundations Class.

In the meantime, you can check out our Statement of Faith.

Yes, yes, yes. We are so excited to share the Good News of Jesus with you. It truly is the best news.

We also host a class called Questioning Christianity for those who have serious doubts about God, Jesus, the Bible etc. Check our Upcoming Events page for all upcoming classes.

Yep! Our Senior’s Ministry is a thriving group of men and women 65+ who meet every month for a big event called Seasons. They share a meal together, enjoy some entertainment, and listen to a devotional. It’s a great way to meet people and get connected.

There are so many ways to finish that sentence. Over the years we’ve gone to great lengths to try and answer any and every question that people in our community might have. One of the best ways to hear our thoughts on various issues is to listen to some episodes of the Extra Podcast or our newly released podcast called Northview Asks.

In the meantime, you can check out our Statement of Faith.

Have more questions?

Email us at [email protected] and a staff member will respond shortly.