Spring 2020 Bible Study Options

We’ve posted hints online for a while that plans are going to change for this Spring Semester because of the new daily realities of the COVID 19 virus.  Instead of meeting in person, we’ll be meeting online!

Click here to hear from Kristal, Kendra and Crystal as they show you how Zoom works and give you some information about our upcoming studies.

Check out the calendar boxes below for more details on what each study will look like. Please note: The Sanctuary Mental Health Course will not be running this semester. Thaleia will host this course sometime in 2020-2021.

Upcoming Courses & Events Mission

Programs & Support for Women:

Thaleia Sawatzky is one of our Pastors of Care here at Northview and specializes in working through issues within families, couples, and with women individually.
Want to book an appointment? Contact Pastor Thaleia at ts@northview.org

Prayer Chain
A confidential team of prayer warriors for situations needing urgent prayer or requests of a sensitive nature.
Email: requestprayer@northview.org
Phone: 604-743-0201

Women teaching and equipping women.

In our Northview Women’s Bible studies, we seek to meet women where they are and move them forward in Biblical knowledge and in their understanding of how their relationship with God should shape their thinking and actions.

To this end, we provide a variety of study opportunities which share a similar format but require differing levels of commitment. All of our studies are expositional (working through a book of the Bible or section of a book sequentially) and inductive (asking a series of questions which help us observe, interpret, and apply the Biblical text).

Inductive Bible Study

Womens Resources