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Whether you’ve never been to church before, you attend Northview regularly, or you attend another church on the weekends–you are welcome here! Join us at one of our Bible studies. We offer a variety of weekly study opportunities, with occasional conferences and retreats to supplement the regular study of the Bible. All of our studies are expositional (working through a book of the Bible or section of a book sequentially) and inductive (asking a series of questions which help us observe, interpret, and apply the Biblical text).

Women's Bible Studies

Northview Summer Studies

During the summer months, men and women of the Northview community frequently seek recommendations from our pastors for reading materials and Bible studies. We’re delighted by your enthusiasm for deepening your relationship with God and expanding your understanding of His teachings during your leisure time – whether you’re camping, vacationing, or enjoying quieter days at home. Therefore, if you’re keen on continued growth this summer, we extend an invitation to participate in one or two discipleship studies listed below. We’re thrilled to extend these all studies to men and women, with the exception of Fighting Shadows, which is exclusively for men.

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We had an amazing time at our 2024 Women's Retreat this past April! Here are just a few of the highlights...

Inductive Bible Study - Joshua

After 40 long years of wandering in the wilderness, the next generation of Israelites are positioned at the border of their promised land, and directed to go in!  Will this new generation, under a new leader, follow God more wholeheartedly than their parents? Join us in our Fall and Winter study of Joshua to find out!

Starting in September, our Women’s Bible Studies will continue their weekly journey through the Bible. Women meet on Monday nights or Wednesday mornings. Our studies typically involve 1-2 hours of homework.

Another option is our Women’s Precept study. This study is available for women of all ages with options to attend Monday evenings or Thursday mornings. . The Precept curriculum typically involves 3-5 hours of homework. 

Child Care is also available at all of our morning studies!

Monday PMWednesday AM

Precept Inductive Bible Study - Genesis

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis is a book of beginnings. The opening chapters of Genesis teach us powerful truths about God our Creator. We watch Him bring light into the darkness, order out of chaos, and rest after toil – all by the power of His Word. We see the beginning of humanity, made in His image. 

Genesis holds the keys to understanding the origin of sin and evil, the justice of God’s judgment, and the mercy of God’s plan for the redemption of mankind and hope for a lost and dying world. 

Revisit familiar stories and historical figures, and discover gospel connections that point to our need for a Saviour. Truths found in chapters one through eleven of Genesis lay a solid foundation for the rest of the story.

This study is approximately 5 hours of weekly homework and uses the Precept Upon Precept curriculum. You have the option to join Monday nights 7-9pm or Thursday mornings 9:30-11:30am (childcare available).

Monday PMThursday AM

Childcare at Women's Bible Studies

A huge part of the Northview Women’s Ministry is the provision of childcare for moms of young kids at our morning Bible studies. We are excited to offer childcare for our Wednesday and Thursday morning studies! If you, or someone you know, has young kids, registration is now open to get them signed up for childcare while you attend the study!

When you register for your preferred study please also register your child. You will be able to prepay for the number of children and weeks you’d like care. (You can always add more later.) We have worked hard to keep the cost as low as possible, but please let us know if the cost is a barrier for you and we will work something out!


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