True Guilt vs False Guilt

Episode #126 - Kristal, Thaleia, and Nancy Steiger.

What do we look for in ministry leaders?

Episode #125 - Kristal, and Thaleia.

Mentoring, #MeToo, and Women in Ministry

Episode #124 - Kristal, and Thaleia.

Darkness to Light

Episode #123 - Kristal, and Thaleia with Jeanette and Linda.


Episode #122 - Kristal, and Thaleia with Sarah Rolleman, Director of Imagine…

What is God's Will for my Life?

Episode #121 - Kristal, and Thaleia.


Episode #120 - Kristal, Thaleia, Jacki Graham and Erin Peters.

Why do People resist the gospel?

Episode #119 - Kristal and Thaleia.

Counter Cultural Living

Episode #118 - With Kristal, Thaleia and Christine Reimer.

Busting Relationship Myths

Episode #117 - With Jacki, Kristal and Thaleia.