Men teaching and equipping other men.

Whether you've never been to church before, you attend Northview regularly, or you attend another church on the weekends--you are welcome here! Join us at one of our Bible studies!

We offer a variety of weekly study opportunities, with occasional conferences and retreats to supplement the regular study of the Bible.

All of our studies are expositional (working through a book of the Bible or section of a book sequentially) and inductive (asking a series of questions which help us observe, interpret, and apply the Biblical text).

Join a Men's Bible Study

Winter Bible Studies

In the Wilderness Part 2

An Inductive Study of Numbers using Northview Curriculum

Join us for part 2 of Numbers as we continue to learn obedience and see how God is faithful when our faith is tested! All are welcome to join, even if you missed the first part of Numbers. You do not need to have completed part 1 to understand and enjoy part 2 of the study!

The book of Numbers is an often overlooked book full of fascinating stories about talking donkeys, poisonous snakes, spies, and battles! In it, we enter the wilderness with the people of Israel on their way to the Promised Land. Their journey is marked by extreme contrasts of obedience and disobedience, just judgment and sinful rebellion, trust and doubt – sounds a lot like the journey many of us face daily!

This study is approximately 2 hours of weekly homework.


An Inductive Study using Precept Curriculum 

This year we will be meeting at Mill Lake Church, as we begin our study of Paul’s letter to the church in Rome.

WHAT: we will begin Part 1  of the book of Romans. Our study will be utilizing resources from Precept Ministries, following an inductive approach to studying His word. Each lesson is comprised of 5 days, with about 30-45mins of investment per day.

WHEN: we meet every second Monday through the year, from 7 to 8:30pm. Our first evening, Sept 20, will be an introductory class, engaging both the context of Romans, and the inductive method itself.

WHERE: we will be meeting this year at Mill Lake Church.

Registration Closed: If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at

Christian Story

This study is at Northview's Mission Campus.

Christian Story is a 9 week course that will help you understand how the 66 books of the Bible fit together as one big story. It traces God’s promises from where they begin in Genesis to where they are fulfilled in Revelation, and shows how God revealed His plan to people, little by little, over thousands of years. So many of us know parts of the Bible yet remain uncertain as to how those parts are placed in the larger story of redemption. If this is you, join us as we unpack the Bible and how each of our lives are interwoven within God’s great and wondrous story.

Registration: CLOSED

What is Inductive Bible Study?

We believe God still speaks today and that His primary and authoritative way of doing this is through His Word; all 66 books! We believe taking in Scripture is a necessary part of the growing Christians life.

We desire to GROW in knowledge that results in men who look more like Jesus. We desire to SUBMIT to His Word. We desire to KNOW God: His character and ways. We desire to KNOW Jesus: what His life, death and resurrection accomplished (the gospel!).

We use the Inductive Bible study method. This method utilizes 3 tools: #1 Observation (what does the Bible say?) #2 Interpretation (What does this mean?) #3 Application (What do I do?) Through personal daily study, participation in weekly discussion groups and the teaching that follows, we strive to grasp God’s Word at a deeper and more impactful level.