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You Are Loved

Series: Malachi - Week: 1 - Jeff Bucknam

Malachi is an Old Testament book of the Bible where God rebukes the Israelites for their apathy towards Him. They ticked the “church” box but their hearts didn’t reveal true worship and reverence. In other words, they were acting like Impostors in the Kingdom.

For us today, church life can become routine. Slowly over time, our hearts drift and become apathetic to the things of God. How many of us are living lives like the Israelites in the book of Malachi? Do we put on a mask? Are we truly seeking God’s will for our lives? Or are we also acting like Impostors in His Kingdom?

Easter 2021 // Raised to Life

Easter 2021 - Jeff Bucknam

Don’t Waste Your Life!

Series: Ecclesiastes
Week: 7
Mark Burch

Will The Underdog Win?

Series: Ecclesiastes
Week: 6
Greg Harris

An Unhealthy Lack of Focus

Series: Ecclesiastes
Week: 5
Jeff Bucknam