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Summer Book Club

Introducing, Summer Book Club. It’s simple. Register and purchase the book of your choosing from our list of 9 different books and begin reading or listening to it over the following months. There will be a total of three evening meet-ups at our Downes Road Campus to discuss the content in June, July, and August with the Pastor and others in your Club. We hope this grows you in your love for God and knowledge of his word this summer!

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Foundations Class

In this introductory class, you will learn about Northview while exploring what we believe about God, the Bible, and the Church. Discover where you can get involved and become a part of the Northview community. Foundations consists of 3 sessions and will run multiple times a year. This is meant for everyone – whether you are new here or have been for years.

Upcoming Classes: October 2022, November 2022.

Core Courses


We offer a one-evening Baptism Class in which you can complete in pursuit of being baptized or simply audit to learning more. This class is offered three times a year, typically in the fall, winter and spring; with a baptism service to follow a month or two after. Our next baptism class is on April 28th. Those who take this class will be baptized in early June 2022.

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The Membership course, called Foundations, consists of three classes over three weeks. If you would like to join in, please fill out the application form. Once you have filled out the application, a link to register for the course will be sent to you. If you have any questions, contact Jeri Kemsley at

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This class is for seriously dating and or engaged couples. During this 3-week session, we will discuss marriage, sex, finances, communication, parents/parents-in-law, and more. Each session includes a discussion on the current cultural view compared with teaching on the Biblical view of each topic.

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Looking for Bible Studies? Our Bible Studies take place from Fall to Spring each year. Find more information HERE on our Bible Studies page.

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