In light of the Nov. 19 order from our Provincial authorities, our in-person gatherings have unfortunately been suspended until further notice. But we are busy putting plans in place in order that we can continue caring for and discipling our middle school youth.

Parents! Click the button below to enrol your son/daughter for youth this year. This is not a weekly attendance registration, but rather a way to make sure we have up to date and accurate information in our database and is required for all students attending middle school ministry activities. Please be aware that students still have to register for campus nights in order to secure a spot.

2020/2021 Youth Enrolment

Y O U T H   N I G H T S 

Grade 7/8 Campus Youth Sessions (Tuesdays 7-8:30PM): Grade 7/8 students will alternate Tuesday evenings. Click HERE for the Grade 7/8 Fall schedule. Registration is required for each Campus night and will open each week Friday at 9am and will close that Tuesday at 5pm. Please register early if possible. Please remember to cancel your registration if you are unable to attend. 

Grade 6 Campus Youth Sessions (TWO TIMES: Sundays 2:00-3:30PM & 4:30-6PM): Grade 6 campus nights happen twice a month. Click HERE for the Grade 6 Fall Schedule. Registration will open each week Wednesday at 9AM and will close on Sunday at 12PM.  Please remember to cancel your registration if you are unable to attend.  

C O R E  G R O U P S

Grade 7/8 CORE Groups: Our church-based core groups will be meeting on the alternate Tuesday evening from 7-8:30pm where we will be going through Youth Alpha as a group. There will be pre-packaged snacks and hand sanitizer provided. Leaders will be emailing their core group the group location each week.

Our core groups will consist of 5-10 students and 2-3 leaders. Registration is not required for each core night; however, in order to be added to a core group, make sure you have completed the online Youth Enrolment form and have been approved to attend core groups by either Pastor Dan or Michala.

Grade 6 CORE Groups: All of our grade 6 students are in core groups, which happen during campus evenings. 

E X T R A   

Daily Bible Reading Plan: Click HERE to download the plan for June – December! This plan is not intended to replace an existing personal or family reading plan, but if you don’t already have something in place you should try this out!

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SUNDAYS: We now have TWO TIMES for grade 6 youth: 2:00-3:30 PM, 4:30-6:00 PM, TWICE MONTHLY

Grade 6 youth nights are a time for youth to come and hang out, play games, and learn about living your life for Jesus. All our grade 6 students are in core groups, but these happen during campus evenings. 

Grade 6 youth is a safe and open environment in which the students are encouraged to bring their friends to hear God’s word

Click HERE for the Grade 6 Fall schedule

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UPCOMING EVENTS:  Registration is required for every campus night and opens on Wednesdays at 9:00am.

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GRADE 7 & 8

GR. 7/8 YOUTH: TUESDAYS 7:00-8:30PM (alternate Tuesday evenings with core groups)

Grade 7 & 8 youth nights are a time when students come together for activities, friends, food, and community with awesome leaders. It is a safe time when you can ask questions about God, life and anything else! It is a time when we worship Our Saviour, Jesus Christ through music, prayer and God’s Word (the Bible).

Click HERE for the Grade 7/8 Fall schedule.

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UPCOMING EVENTS: Registration is required for every campus night and opens on Fridays at 9:00am. 

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What I do: I oversee the Middle School Ministry @ Northview

Spouse: I cannot imagine another person in the world who would put up with all of my craziness besides my wife, Lena, LOL!

Children: My wife & I have seven children. We were blessed with 4 girls first & then 3 boys. We kinda got stuck on the “A” page in the baby naming book for our daughters as their names are Amy, Amanda, Anita, & Allyson. Then our boys are Daniel Jr., Jonathan, & Liam. With ages ranging from 30-9 yrs old we are always guaranteed a household of perpetual excitement & noise. Just the way we like it!!

Education: I have a degree in Youth Work from Columbia Bible College but my real education comes from being surrounded by youth & immersed in their world on an ongoing basis.

How I got involved with Northview: My oldest daughter was attending the middle school youth group and asked if we could attend the church as a family. My wife and I were immediately drawn to the worship and especially the preaching of Pastor Vern. God led us to a perfect fit!

A few of my favorite things: While I do have a kinda manic personality & there’s nothing I like better than a high energy youth night, I also really enjoy just chillaxing at home with Lena & the kids. I also really enjoy a good cup of coffee accompanied by a tasty pastry, hmmm.

Favorite author: Due to the nature of youth ministry, I am always doing research on youth culture and ministry. Books, blogs, magazines, podcasts…I devour them all!