Links on Theology, Life, and Culture to encourage us to be — and to make — disciples.

A Reflection on Covid-19 with an Abbotsford Doctor
If you missed last week’s Instagram Live discussion between Pastor Jeff and Clayton Tuffnell (both of whom are doctors, but of different sorts!), you can watch it here.

A Day of Prayer and Fasting
“On April 1, we will send prayer prompts throughout the day as well as having a time of prayer together at 8AM PDT.” And prayer is no April Fools’ Joke. Sign-up here. And more information can be found on the City to City North America Youtube page.

8 Reminders in the Face of the Coronavirus Pandemic
“These are strange days, days of fear, days of hysteria. In other words, days that simply bring all our latent anxieties up to the surface; anxieties that were there all along but are now made visible to others.” Read the eight reminders here.

Ebenezer 2020
The Prophet Samuel’s commemorative stone (1 Samuel 7:12) was a visible reminder of God’s help in the past. This brief poem links us to the past to focus us on our final home.

Family and Marriage
Stressful times can strain relationships. Connect with the Care Department if in need. Also, resources abound from a local ministry, Doing Family Right, as well as a national ministry, Family Life Canada.

Kyle Meeker
Theological and Leadership Development Pastor