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When God Saved the Guy Next to the Guy I Was Trying to Reach
An encouraging story of a missionary’s faithfulness to “plant” and God giving the “harvest:” “Trying to discern how the Holy Spirit is moving is a tricky business, not unlike trying to see the wind. The man I was so convinced was the one being drawn was actually not interested at the end of the day. But his best friend was.”

Dear Police Officers
As an immigrant to Canada from Ghana, Samuel Sey retells some encounters with police. As a Christian, Sey’s comments are “seasoned with salt” (Col 4:6), though some of the words in the comments section are unfortunately a little too “salty.”

People are complicated
“Both [author Aleksandr] Solzhenitsyn and [comedian John] Cleese are echoing the truth that people are complicated. As image-bearers of God, every one of us is able to do good. As people who have rejected God and trampled on his law, every one of us does evil. That is not to say that we are all equal in our degree of goodness or evilness.”

The Incompatibility of Critical Theory and Christianity
Although this article was written over a year ago, it sheds some light on some of the basics of Critical Theory and how it undergirds many of the most contentious topics today. “Over the last few years, new terms like “cisgender,” “intersectionality,” “heteronormativity,” “centering,” and “white fragility” have suddenly entered our cultural lexicon—seemingly out of nowhere. In reality, these words and concepts have been working their way through academia for decades…”

The Right-Now Blessings of the Kingdom of God
“Christians have a sure hope of heaven. Because Jesus has paid for our sin and we have received his righteousness, we are children of God who will be with our Father forever. That’s wonderful! But, some might ask, what’s in it for me now?” Jesus taught us to pray for the arrival of God’s Kingdom. Here are some ways the Kingdom is here now.

Is There a “Right Side” of History?
While it’s a common phrase, there is more to “right” and “history” than is able to be discussed in a slogan. “… But in Scripture’s story arc, God does not invade our fallen realm with his sin-conquering kingdom all at once…”

Want to Read Great Literature? Start Here.
With Summer here and especially in our cultural moment, “Karen Swallow Prior spoke at The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 National Conference in a breakout session titled ‘Why, How, and What to Read.’ The relationship between God and his people, she argued, has always focused on the centrality of the Word with a specific emphasis on written words.”

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Kyle Meeker
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