Falling back into it!

Episode 399 with Greg Harris, Ezra Okoti, Mark Burch, and Kristal Toews
  • Current event - Benny Hinn and the prosperity gospel.
  • Link to American Gospel movie on amazon
  • What are we talking about when we talk about Multiplication?
  • Things Mark can't (or shouldn't) say on air
  • What we are looking forward to this year!
  • Why Ezra and Greg aren't friends


Habakkuk and Highlights

Episode 398 with Ezra, Thaleia, and Jeff

  • Summer refreshments: Baseball vs. Camping
  • Struggles with Habakkuk
  • Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
  • The year in review
Book Mentioned
"Souls in Transition" by Christian Smith


Behind the Scenes with Kyle

Episode 397 with Jeff and Kyle
  • Early years of Kyle
  • What happened in Toronto, Kyle??
  • Ministry at Northview
  • Our vision of the future and God's


Unity of the Church

Episode 395 with Jeff, Thaleia, and Josh

  • Passive Aggressiveness
  • Doctrinal Issues Vs. Personal Issues
  • Unity of the Church
  • Criticizers and Criticizees



Episode 394 with Jeff, Ezra, and Thaleia

  • Filthy non-apologisers
  • Ezra vs. Skeptical Jeff
  • Does God hate the lottery?
  • Christian Freedom


Rest, Relaxation, Recreation, and Retirement

Episode 393 with Ezra, Vic, Sarah and Josh

  • What's your leisure?
  • What even is leisure?
  • How then should we relax?
  • How do we consider God in all things?


Behind the scenes with Kristal

Episode 392 with Jeff and Kristal

  • Kristal Toews: Origins
  • Pain and grace
  • How to Study the Bible course!
  • Kristal and Thaleia are different people


Gospel, Sin, and Wolves

Episode 391 with Jeff, Ezra and Thaleia

  • The Gospel for dummies
  • Out-workings of the Gospel
  • Stuck in Sin
  • False Teaching


3 Questions

Episode 390 with Jeff, Ezra, and Thaleia
  • Superhero talk
  • Credo-Baptism, Paedo-Baptism, Re-Baptism?
  • Name it and claim it, baby!
  • What's hell all about?