Extra’s New Direction

Episode 416 with Adam Wormald, Stephanie Warne-Lang, Ezra Okoti, and Jeff Bucknam

  • The Future of Extra
  • Our Best Foot forward
  • Thank You Faithful listeners


Behind the Scenes with Jesse Schellenberg

Episode 415 with Jesse Schellenberg and Ezra Okoti

  • Who are you? (Really that Movie?!)
  • Personal Journey and Family
  • Jesse's Call to Ministry
  • God's Radical Calling


A New Way of Thinking!

Episode 414 with Nancy Steiger, Adam Wormald, Ezra Okoti and Luke Friesen

  • Apologetics Canada Conference - What is happening and who should come?
  • Apologetics Canada conference podcast!
  • What is the importance of apologetics?
  • Who is apologetics for?

Apologetics Canada
Need financial help to come? Email Nancy: [email protected]


Healthy Churches and Disciples

Episode 413 with Adam Wormald, Jeff Bucknam and Stephanie Warne-Lang

  • Northview's mission to multiply healthy local churches.
  • What does a healthy church look like?
  • What does this mean for YOU?


A Rewind of 2019

Episode 412 with Adam Wormald and Jeff Bucknam

  • We reflect back at the highs and lows of this past year.
  • Talk to Jeff about his personal journey.
  • Look forward to the year ahead.


The Pre-Christmas Crunch

Episode 411 with Greg Harris, Ezra Okoti, Thaleia Sawatzky, and Jeff Bucknam

  • Are you ready for Christmas?
  • Gingerbread house decorations
  • Peace during a busy time
  • How to talk with family that needs grace
  • Board games and friends who dislike fun


Extra Special Edition – AGM Update

This is a Special Edition of the Extra Podcast!

Listen in on how God has been faithful this past year in our Church's life, and what we are looking forward to in the next year.

Some of the topics include:

  • Financial Report
  • Stewardship Report
  • Building update
  • Campus Pastor Update



A Better Gift

Episode 410 with Ezra Okoti, Jonathan Giesbrecht, Carrie Klassen, and Adam Wormald

  • Our Different Christmas Traditions
  •  Highlights from the AGM
  • Jesus is the Better Gift
  • Importance of Prayer in Our Lives


A Deep Dive into Theology

Episode 409 with Greg Harris, Adam Wormald, Ezra Okoti, and Fredy Orozco

  • Evangelical Theological Society Conference Review
  • Breakfast with Fredy
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Violence against women in the Old Testament
  • San Diego Church Visits