Geology Lesson with Dr. Jeff

Episode 403 with Greg Harris, Ezra Okoti, Jeff Bucknam, Adam Wormald

  • Sauce of the Nile
  • Does water or rocks move downstream?
  • Young earth / old earth and Faith
  • From Geology and geography to Canada and elections
  • Christians and voting
  • A question to our listeners

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Do movies need heroes?

Episode 402 with Greg Harris, Ezra Okoti, Andrew Geddert, and Adam Wormald
  • Adam as an intern
  • Joker: Do movies need heroes?
  • Villains vs Anti-heroes
  • New worship songs or old songs?
  • What is the motivation behind Northview making new songs?
  • Why do we give time to worship during our services?
  • The future of communication to the Northview congregation

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Kanye’s Fall to Grace

Episode 401 with Greg Harris, Ezra Okoti, Jeff Bucknam, and Thaleia 
  • Kanye West's public conversion; is it for real? 
  • Falling away for from faith
  • Perseverance
  • Extra Question: Dealing with mental health as a Christian

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Extra 400

Episode 400 Greg Harris, Ezra Okoti, Jeff Bucknam, Darcy Kuhn
  • Welcome to the 400th Podcast!
  • Current event - The last 400 Episodes. Our highlights: Bacon fudge, Ezra's wardrobe (then and now), Embers lunches, yoga, and night runners.
  • Church Hospitality: will the mid-service greeting return??
  • Fantasy Fiction in the Church
  • Don't be a sponge!

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Falling back into it!

Episode 399 with Greg Harris, Ezra Okoti, Mark Burch, and Kristal Toews
  • Current event - Benny Hinn and the prosperity gospel.
  • Link to American Gospel movie on amazon
  • What are we talking about when we talk about Multiplication?
  • Things Mark can't (or shouldn't) say on air
  • What we are looking forward to this year!
  • Why Ezra and Greg aren't friends

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Habakkuk and Highlights

Episode 398 with Ezra, Thaleia, and Jeff

  • Summer refreshments: Baseball vs. Camping
  • Struggles with Habakkuk
  • Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
  • The year in review
Book Mentioned
"Souls in Transition" by Christian Smith

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Behind the Scenes with Kyle

Episode 397 with Jeff and Kyle
  • Early years of Kyle
  • What happened in Toronto, Kyle??
  • Ministry at Northview
  • Our vision of the future and God's

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Day Camps

Episode 396 with Jeff, Erik, Connor, Jessica, and Ethan

  • Who are you?
  • Next Gen problems
  • What keep’s you in church?
  • Spare any change?
  • Raptors in 5

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Unity of the Church

Episode 395 with Jeff, Thaleia, and Josh

  • Passive Aggressiveness
  • Doctrinal Issues Vs. Personal Issues
  • Unity of the Church
  • Criticizers and Criticizees

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