The Ruth Center consistently helps 296 elderly people in 13 communities in Prawet District. Ruth Center staff regularly visit them, giving them basic necessities and much love. Special activities are organized for them, such as taking them on a trip to the park four times a year and an annual special trip to the beach. Caring for the elderly also means lots of practical help, such as construction projects to help fix roofs, sidewalks, bathrooms, floors and other parts of their homes. Many of them help care for their grandchildren, so another practical way we help is by organizing activities for the children during school holidays, to give their grandparents a break and time to rest.

One of the goals in working with these communities is to help them care for themselves. We regularly help the elderly clean up trash within their neighborhoods. We also want to help the elderly generate an income. We do so through the Dream Project, a program where the elderly help to sew and create products which we then sell for them.