Church Plant Partnerships

Praxis Church

Joshua & Rebekah Dool

What led you to plant/ replant/ revitalize your church?
I came to faith in the Okanagan, and had been praying for several years that God would raise up planters for the valley. Some of the towns I grew up in no longer have a church presence at all, and many of the other towns and municipalities are in desperate need of renewal. I had been serving at church plants in the lower mainland and never expected to ever return to the valley, but God used a series of events to stir my heart and draw me back to Kelowna with the vision of seeing every single person in the Okanagan once again within reach of a gospel proclaiming church.

How have you seen God working in your church?
We began doing outdoor pre-launch services in the summer of 2021, and as a result of noise violations from the city and lifting covid restrictions, ended up gathering inside a daycare (which owns an older church building). We had grown to 200 people by our official launch in September, and needed to begin two gatherings in order to accommodate everyone who had begun attending. We met a significant amount of pushback from the LGBTQ+ community at this time, but God used the press we were receiving online and in the news to help grow the church. This opened up many opportunities for conversations with many of the individuals who initially opposed us, and some even attend Praxis now! God continues to grow the church, and we are adding an additional gathering this Easter to accommodate the 100’s of more people who have begun attending since our launch.

What is your connection to Northview Community Church?
I went through Northview’s residency program, and they have been one of our major financial partners as well. Additionally, an Immerse Grad (Colin Fast) joined Praxis at the time of planting in an associate role.

Church Mission and Vision.
Praxis exists to know Jesus and make him known – and we live this out practically by calling the lost to faith, discipling believers to maturity, and activating believers to mission. Our vision is to see every single person in the Okanagan within reach of a vibrant, biblically faithful church, and to be a part of church planting and church renewal throughout the interior of BC.

Praxis Church, Kelowna (BC) – Josh Dool

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