Analea Friesen

In ancient Israel, sheep were sometimes kept out in the open countryside to graze during the summer months and put into rough enclosures for protection at night. The enclosures had no real “door” to keep the sheep in and danger out. Instead, the shepherd himself would lie across the entrance and be the “door.” There was only one way in and that was literally through the shepherd himself.

Jesus used this imagery, which would have been very familiar to His audience, to explain that He is the only way to eternal life. In John 10:9 He says, “I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.” The implication is that everyone needs to be saved. It is dangerous to remain out in the open country, in our sinful state, completely cut off from our holy God. The only safety is to be part of the flock protected in the enclosure—but there is only one way in.

If anyone does not enter through Jesus, not only will they be left out of the protective enclosure, they also won’t be part of the flock that is led to pasture, cared for, and known by the shepherd.

Do you really know the dangers of remaining outside the safety of Jesus’ protection? Conversely, do you know the joy that comes from entering in? Jesus contrasted Himself with thieves that come only to destroy and kill, while He “came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). When a person enters through the door that is Jesus, they become part of His flock, His cherished possession, and He leads them to true abundant life in Him.

If you haven’t yet entered through that door—through Jesus Christ into saving faith—we invite you to make this decision today and be saved from your sins. There is no other way into eternal life with God. All other doors lead to death. If you have entered through that door, rejoice today in your salvation and in Jesus’ loving care for you. You can trust that He will lead you in and out to good pastures; you can trust that He will keep you safe like a shepherd does his flock. We can rest knowing that despite the chaos, unknowns, and very real trials of our lives, we are eternally secure in Christ’s care.