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Northview Kids Summer Calendar & Weekend Closures

Summer is quickly approaching and we can’t wait to kickstart our awesome Summer Cinema series on Sundays in summer starting July 8! Parents, please note all Sunday programs except Nursery will be closed between June 16-June 30Saturday night kids programs will all be closed (Nursery – Gr. 5) between June 16 – September 1. Feel free to contact children@northview.org if you have any questions.

The Nursery

Your child is a beautiful gift from God and we are here to care for and love your baby or toddler. We also are excited to help introduce your child to their Creator through play, songs, stories, and prayer time.

Our nursery is for babies and toddlers from 6 months – 2 years. Check-in begins 30 minutes before services start. It is open during the Saturday night and Sunday morning services, and during select special seasons throughout the year. The nursery is located to the right when you walk in the main door beside the Kids Info Desk.

Our nursery features:

  • Carefully enforced check-in system
  • Strict enforcement of caregiver/child ratios is 1:3
  • Separate areas for crawlers and walkers, and a quiet room with cribs
  • Weekly cleansing and disinfecting of toys
  • The most loving and gifted volunteers to care for and love on your littles


Each week your child will be welcomed by caring and compassionate teachers and helpers. Your child will participate in singing and will hear the Bible story be creatively taught. Then it’s back to the classroom for prayer groups, Bible verse memorization, activity time, and craft. The activities relate directly to the Bible story and allow the teacher to re-tell and reinforce the Bible lesson. Prayer groups will allow your child to be personally prayed for each and every week they come.

We are committed to meeting their needs for love, security, understanding and acceptance in a world that is unstable, competitive and sometimes violent. Our programs are kid-oriented, our teachers, coaches and supervisors are carefully chosen and our curriculum is Biblically sound. It is a privilege to care for your children here. Together as a team, we are growing tomorrow’s leaders. Let’s give them the best. Let’s give them Jesus! After all, they are HIS kids!

The Preschool is located in the East Wing on the main floor. Check-in begins 30 minutes before services start.


“From the mouths of babes and infants you have ordained praise.” Psalm 8:2a

For further information contact the Director of Nursery and Preschool Ministries, Olivia Patillo, at opatillo@northview.org.



Grade School

Registration for classes opens 30 minutes before service. Children in Kindergarten through Grade 5 then gather in Lower Court, located on the basement floor, for a time of worship at the start of each service. Children will then be divided by grade and meet in their own classroom for a time of activities, Bible study and prayer; Grade 5s remain downstairs, and Kindergarteners through Grade 4 go upstairs. Our children are taught the Word of God using DiscipleLand curriculum.

Here we seek to sow seeds of faith in our children by teaching God’s Word, modeling godly character and displaying Christ’s Love. Our programs are kid-oriented, our teachers, coaches and supervisors are carefully chosen and our curriculum is Biblically sound. It is a privilege to care for your children here. Together as a team, we are growing tomorrow’s leaders. Let’s give them the best. Let’s give them Jesus! After all, they are HIS kids!

Each week the kids are given a memory verse to memorize. Click this Memory Verse Chart  to print off this season’s schedule.

We use the NirV Bible as it is very kid-friendly. This Bible is available for purchase at the Kids Info Desk on the weekends for $25.

Interested in serving in Grade School? To begin the application process, fill out and submit the following forms today!

For further information contact the Director of Grade School Ministries, Chrystal Laforest at claforest@northview.org

Imagine – Supportive Care

Our Mission

  • To provide support to individuals of all abilities and connect them to God’s Word while getting other family members connected to the church community.

Our Programs

  • Youth Plus is on Saturday nights and for ages 12 and up. This program provides social engagement and connection to God’s Word in a positive and supportive environment.
  • 10am and 11:30am Sunday services programs are for children aged 2 to Grade 5. Here, we use a structured, play-based model that allows all levels of ability to connect with God’s Word.
  • Supportive options for inclusive support in typical classrooms are available.

General Policies & Information

  • Full registration is required for participation in Imagine. Northview families who desire to have their child participate are encouraged to contact the Imagine Director to make arrangements for an initial intake.

For further information contact the Director of Special Needs Supportive Care, Sarah Rolleman at imagine@northview.org


Child Dedications

You are beginning a beautiful journey. The Lord has blessed you with a very precious gift and now, you begin the significant journey of raising your child to know, love, and obey the Lord God. You are not alone. At Northview Church, we are committed to helping our parents because we know it is an important job…an overwhelming task! But most of all, it is a calling by God to all parents to love, care for and teach His children, that they may grow to walk with Him all the days of their lives.

Child dedications are held three times a year. All parents must attend a Child Dedication class held by Pastor Dwight Stephen prior to the dedication service.

Child Dedication Schedule

  • May 5 & 6, 2018

Please fill out the application form by clicking here. If you have any further questions, please contact adriana@northview.org

Weekend Closures

On certain weekends throughout the year, Northview Kids closes to give families the opportunity to experience church together as the multi-generational family of God we are! These services include a children’s feature, and the worship songs are chosen with younger ears in mind. Please note that the Nursery is still open on some of these weekends. Follow us on facebook at facebook.com/northviewchurchkids for announcements on when these weekends are.

Closure Weekends: Christmas Break, three weeks at the end of June/beginning of July, and two weekends at the end of August/beginning of September.


KidCheck is our way of ensuring your child’s safety. You are able to create a secure account where you can keep your family’s information current, and all updates can be done from your home computer. In addition, you are able to create a list of guardians, provide pertinent medical information about your children, update contact information, and upload photos.

Creating a Free Account:
If you are a regular Northview attender and have yet to make an online account, or if this is your first time visiting Northview, please visit go.kidcheck.com to create a free and secure KidCheck parent account. Read below to discover more about what KidCheck is, what are the benefits of creating a KidCheck account, and how you can Check-in a Friend.

Follow These Steps:

  • Go to go.kidcheck.com and hold your mouse over “Sign Up”, then click “Parents/Guardians”
  • Enter your info and click “I have never used KidCheck before”.
  • Enter your info again, enter Northview Community Church when it asks for your organization, click this option when it appears in the drop-down menu. Then click “Register”
  • Click “I agree” after reading the terms of use.
  • The “My Account” section is where you keep your personal profile information, child information, and your guardian list. Complete the set-up of your account by entering your mailing address (to get options for Provinces, you must first select Canada as your country below), phone options and birthday.
  • To now add your “Kids” to your account, select that tab. Then, to the left under “Page Options”, click on “Add A New Child” and you will be able to enter your chil(ren)’s information. Please note that if your child has no allergies or medical issues, please leave this field completely clear.
  • Make sure you add a picture. (This is very important, for security reasons)
  • Click “Save Changes” .
  • Click the “Guardians” tabs to add your spouse, a grandparent or another guardian the same way you did your child(ren).
  • Click Save.
  • For security reasons we do not link parent accounts together. Each parent is free to create their own account, but if you want your spouse to be able to check your kids out, they will need to be listed as a guardian. Now you are registered and you can change your information anytime, by logging in with your username and password.

Registering your child’s friend?
If your child is bringing a friend to our Saturday evening or Sunday morning programs, we ask that their parent create a KidCheck account and enter you as a guardian. At Sunday morning check-in, our support team will be able to find that child under “other children you are listed as a guardian for”. Your efforts here are very much appreciated, as it will eliminate any wait that you would have incurred at check-in. For more information or if you have questions about KidCheck, please contact us at children@northview.org

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