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Covid Update

August 25, 2021

From the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Northview has taken seriously the guidance of our provincial health officers and have followed their public health regulations. We have not required our congregation to go above and beyond the guidelines, nor have we disregarded them.

As of August 25th, a new layer of restrictions were put in place in light of rising Covid infection rates. Religious gatherings, and worship services have been deemed as “essential services” and are therefore exempt from many of the new restrictions.

The BC Center for Disease Control states that worship services are exempt from both the mask mandate and proof of immunization. Therefore, our onsite services can continue as they have been for the past few weeks with no new mandates or restrictions in place. We thank God for this provision for our public gatherings.

Additionally, we continue to provide our NVTV programming for those who are not yet able or comfortable with returning to public gatherings. For those that choose to watch church from home, NorthviewTV is available every Saturday at 5pm.

Following the recommendations outlined by the BCCDC, masks are recommended in religious services, however, those who choose not to wear a mask will not be prohibited from attending.

We know there will be varieties of opinions on these orders within our congregation, so expect to see a mixture of masked and unmasked congregants in the coming weeks. Please remember to be gracious to one another as we work out our differences in Christian love.

For more information on Covid-19 health restrictions click here.

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