We know that Northview people love to be in God’s Word and often ask for direction on different devotional apps and reading plans.

While there are several good options available through various sources, we’d like to encourage you to join in our Northview Devotional Plan which will guide you to read and reflect on the passages preached in our weekend sermons!

We hope this will unite our congregation around the study of God’s Word, and help us to more readily absorb and apply the great teaching provided by our preaching pastors.

Each week we’ll be providing a suggested schedule for working through a passage slowly (15 minutes a day). You’ll need a Bible and a notebook or blank paper to record your observations.

Each day we include a reminder to pray. If you are new to the Adoration / Confession / Supplication method, here are some questions to help guide you as you pray:

  • Adoration: What can you praise God for today?
  • Confession: What thoughts / attitudes / actions might you need to confess to God today?
  • Supplication: What will you ask God for today?

Click here to print this week’s devotional: Luke Devotional – Week 10



The events of Luke 2:41-52 take place during / immediately after the Passover Festival.

  • Read Exodus 12:1-30.
  • What event did the Passover festival commemorate?
  • How long did this festival last (how many days)?
  • What are some of the main things the Israelites did during this festival?
    here were the shepherds living?

As you pray today, praise God for rescuing his people from physical slavery (in Egypt) and from slavery to sin and death (at the cross).



Read Luke 2:41-52.

  • How regularly did Mary & Joseph travel to Jerusalem for the Passover?

    • What does this tell you about their religious commitment?
  • Why did they leave Jerusalem without Jesus?
  • How long did they search for Jesus and where did they find him?
  • What was their response when they found him?

    • What emotions / reactions does Luke attribute to them in verses 48-50?
    • What emotions / reactions does Mary express?
  • What is Luke’s final description of Mary in this text?

As you pray today, think of the truths that Mary pondered in her heart. What did you learn about Jesus that you can praise God for today?



Read Luke 2:41-52.

  • How old is Jesus in this text?
  • What was Jesus doing in the temple when his parents found him?
  • How did Jesus respond to Mary’s question?
  • What are Luke’s final comments about Jesus in this text (verses 51-52)?Read 1 Samuel 2:26.
  • Who else in scripture “grew in wisdom and in stature and in favour with God and man?”

Pray in Adoration / Confession / Supplication



Read Luke 2:41-52

  • What is the response of “all who heard him” as a 12 year old?
  • What is the response of people to Jesus as he grew up?Read Luke 4:14-37
  • This text describes Jesus’ first few weeks of public ministry as an adult. What does Luke say that people are amazed by in the following texts?
    4:22 –
    4:32 –
    4:36 –
  • What other responses do they have to his words in Luke 4:23-30?

These texts specifically highlight Jesus’ authority. As you pray in confession today, reflect on whether you need to submit to his authority in a specific area of your life.



Luke repeatedly makes note of the fact that Nazareth is Jesus’ home base. Read the following texts to discover what they say about Nazareth.

  • Luke 1:26-27
  • Luke 2:3-5
  • Luke 4:14-16
    • What “region” is the town of Nazareth in?
  • What is important about the region of Galilee according to Isaiah 9:1-7?

As you pray today, write down everything that Isaiah 9:1-7 tells you about the character and role of Jesus. What can you praise God for today?