Links on Theology, Life, and Culture to encourage us to be — and to make — disciples.

Wednesday of Jesus’ Passion Week
This short video recounts events from Wednesday of Jesus’ final week, including religious and political conspiracies to eliminate Jesus. Catch up on the short video about Palm Sunday here. And Monday here. And Tuesday here.

Is the Pandemic Punishment?
Distinguishing the general question from the specific application is vital, as this article explains: “The answers to these specific ‘why’ questions are not going to be found by us. They are locked away in the secret will of God. This is where we have to be careful and not cavalier.”

Developing Covid-19 Vaccines at Pandemic Speed
A behind-the-scenes look at part of God’s common grace: “Over the past decade, the scientific community and the vaccine industry have been asked to respond urgently to epidemics of H1N1 influenza, Ebola, Zika, and now SARS-CoV-2.”

A Brief Theology of the News
While “lots of words are competing for our attention,” theology helps our perspective. Since “human beings are formed by the words we hear and the words to which we respond,” this article encourages us to build on the sure foundation of God’s Word.

Disaster: Trump’s Been Binge-Watching Netflix And He Just Bought 17 Tigers
Satire is the humorous side of “fake news”: “Apparently President Donald Trump has started watching the documentary Tiger King on Netflix and has purchased seventeen tigers, which are currently roaming the White House.”

Kyle Meeker
Theological and Leadership Development Pastor