Links on Theology, Life, and Culture to encourage us to be — and to make — disciples.

Tuesday of Jesus’ Passion Week
This short video recounts events from Tuesday of Jesus’ final week, including controversies at the temple and predicting the future. Catch up on the short video about Palm Sunday here. And Monday here.

Apologetics Canada Kids: Trusting God in Scary Times
“As we approach Easter in this current time of local and global uncertainty, this first series of videos are on the theme Trusting God in Scary Times. They will look at the life of Jesus leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection.” Read and watch here.

10 Simple Ways to Evangelize During a Pandemic
No one will be able to tackle all ten. But, we can start with one. Number nine is a good place to begin.

Pandemics and the Shape of Human History
A bit of a longer read, but fascinating to see how “outbreaks have sparked riots and propelled public-health innovations, prefigured revolutions and redrawn maps.”

Something Like…
Even in these unique times, there are many similarities connecting us all. “I have moved closer to the center of the human experience and I know God is sitting with me in this tiny bit of suffering as He has sat with those who have suffered and continue to suffer much more than I do.” (HT: Tim Challies)

Kyle Meeker
Theological and Leadership Development Pastor