TLC Today: March 20-22, 2020

A Practical Way to Love Your (Self-Isolated) Neighbor
The second part of the Greatest Commandment (Matt. 22:36-40) is to love your neighbour. Let’s joyfully follow! Read.

The Government of Canada: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Updates:
Keep up-to-date on local (Fraser Health), Provincial (BC Center for Disease Control) and Canada-wide information.

Songs of Comfort for Anxious Souls (Free Playlist)
A playlist curated for our cultural moment. It’s available on Spotify and other platforms for free, ready for our anxious hearts and listening ears. Get it here.

When Netflix gets boring: Free access to over 100 Teaching Series
Until the end of June, Ligonier Ministries has teaching series available to stream for free (from books of the Bible, to issues in culture and Christian Living). Binge on this!

9 Ways to Work Efficiently from Home
Helpful tips and then a concluding, historical side note: ‘When the Great Plague of London was going around in 1665, Cambridge University shut down and Isaac Newton was forced to stay home. During that time, he invented calculus, parts of optic theory and allegedly while sitting in his garden, he saw an apple fall from a tree that inspired his understanding of gravity and laws of motion.’ Get them here.

A 7-Day Coronavirus Prayer Guide
Focus on one key topic per day (those sick, healthcare workers, etc.). Pray for the specific people you know — and those you don’t. Get the guide here.

Surprisingly relevant Insights from C.S. Lewis
As usual, Lewis’ wisdom from the last century continues to the present. A brief blog quoting Lewis’ insightful essay ‘On Living in An Atomic Age’. And a video (a creative ‘doodle’) to watch while listening to the full essay (15 min). The essay describes the failure of ‘naturalism’ and the natural longing we have for God — longings that are heightened in times like these.

On the lighter side: God To Ignore Quarantine And Continue Being Everywhere
Even satire can bring real-world comfort: ‘ … We want to remind you, though, that you’re not God, … ‘