Links on Theology, Life, and Culture to encourage us to be — and to make — disciples.

Going to Church Could Save Your Life
“While we endure this short-term pain for the sake of public health and neighbour love, we should also be aware of the significant public health benefits of church gatherings in general. Indeed, this month, a team at the Harvard School of Public Health published yet another study pointing to the potentially lifesaving effect of church attendance.”

We do not live by bread alone.
Jesus (Matt 4:4) quoted Moses (Deut 8:3). We need all of God’s word, reading it with our whole self, as these articles attest: Read the Bible with All of You; And Every Woman Needs the Whole Bible (Good for men, too).

Canceled: How the Eastern Honor-Shame Mentality Traveled West
“Cancel” culture is recent. But, the issues of justice, peer pressure, and shame are perennial. And so is redemption.

Why We Don’t See Church as ‘Essential’
With cultural analysis and probing questions, this article notes that the “we” is both society’s perception and often Christian’s misperceptions.

Race and Diversity
A recent podcast is titled: “From Mother to Son on Race, Religion, and Relevance.” At root, our culture is grappling with two narratives, two competing stories of who we are: co-equal because of bearing the image of God or competing for intersectional power?

Puzzles: Maps and Math
Two videos: The International Date Line, Explained (15 min) is more complicated than it sounds. And this near-impossible Sudoku (25 min) is a “math miracle.” (HT: Tim Challies)

Trump Announces He’s Leaving Twitter For Myspace
Social media satire

Kyle Meeker
Theological and Leadership Development Pastor