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I Know a Place . . .
And that great place points toward yet a greater

Mental Health Help
Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries is providing a free resource for individuals or small groups. This is highly recommended by the Northview Care Department. Before COVID-19 prompted the lockdown, the Care Department was planning to offer a similar course to groups. Now the course is free online.

Interviews and articles for such a time as this:

Ep.2 Racism and the Church: Northview’s new midweek series of “In Good Company” features two helpful conversations.

Shai Linne on the Gospel and Ethnic Unity addresses “the need for gospel conversations around the issue of ethnic unity. Division has long plagued the church, which stands in stark contrast to Jesus’s prayer for unity in John 17.” Shai describes racism as a sin that is not alone. It masks additional sins: “… when people speak of racism, the proper biblical category would be something like pride or anger or partiality in the realm of ethnicity.”

The Cure for Racism: Two Christian apologists (one of whom has a police background) discuss “othering” as a helpful way to think about the wrongs of racism (and other wrongs as well).

And beware the prejudice of “All ___ are ___,” including applying it to law enforcement: Empathize with Good Cops in This Time of Rightly Calling out Bad Ones

5 Minutes and 2 Pandemics
“5 Minutes in Church History” is a short (literally 5 minutes) podcast that covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. The past can inform the present. Two recent episodes look at the Plague (Faith in Times of Plague – Luther) and the Spanish Flu (Faith in Times of Plague – Grimké).

Prayer Is Activism
“As human beings made in the image of the God of justice, prayer is our foundational path to justice. Blaise Pascal calls it ‘the dignity of causality’ that in prayer God gives us a direct line to the King of kings.

The God Who Sings
“Have you ever been reading the Bible and had a verse stop you in your tracks? That’s what happened to me the first time I read Zephaniah 3:17 many years ago.”

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Kyle Meeker
Theological and Leadership Development Pastor