Links on Theology, Life, and Culture to encourage us to be — and to make — disciples.

A Prosperity Gospel Preacher’s Reformation?
The Prosperity Gospel has been critiqued by Christians and non-Christians alike. Recently, a top Prosperity Preacher indicated a changing heart: “A Real Miracle in The Prosperity Network.”

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?
This is a recurring question regarding the world’s two largest religions. A recent Apologetics Canada Podcast and Gospel Coalition blog help us think through the question.

God and Mathematics
At a time when ‘experts’ and ‘the science’ can conflict on the interpretation of evidence and its best application for our good, this 5 minute video from Dr. William Lane Craig’s organization is a helpful reminder that our staggering steps toward consistency and stability are actually rooted in One who is “the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). And no math quiz at the end.

Thinking Theologically About Racial Tensions: Life Together in the Church
In this conclusion of a 4-part series, Kevin DeYoung gives insights and issues warranting deep reflection. “My fifteen suggestions apply to race most specifically, but I hope that most of the reflections can serve as helpful reminders for our polarized, politicized, and digitized world more generally.”

8 Things Your Bible Says About Itself
Key truths that, through the written word, transfix our attention on the Living Word: “The Bible is a bottomless treasure chest of beauty and wonder. It claims to be inspired, true, authoritative, clear, sufficient, powerful, Christ-centered, and precious. May God help us to treat it as such.”

The Logistics of Covid-19 Testing
This 14-minute video unpacks how intricate testing can be, including “pool” sampling and even the sampling of pools of sewage.

Which Door Will The Ball Hit?
Fun for the whole family! “I challenge you to these six machine puzzles. Guess which door the ball will go through by imagining how the machine will run. I bet no one can get all six correct!” (HT: Tim Challies)

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Kyle Meeker
Theological and Leadership Development Pastor