Links on Theology, Life, and Culture to encourage us to be — and to make — disciples.

I Will Taste It For You
Reminiscent of a scene from Shark Tank, but from almost 100 years ago, George Washington Carver introduced an important new crop. “Sometimes it requires a person to prove by experience how delightful a thing is to skeptics who otherwise will not believe and partake.”

Lies Christians Believe About Themselves
” … you can take people out of slavery more easily than you can take slavery out of people. As the Israelites walked out of Egypt, they carried a more severe bondage with them in their mindsets, in their hearts, in their patterns of behavior. Though free, they did not yet have a freeman’s frame of mind. Soon they were begging to go back (Exodus 16:3). The same can be said about children of God as it pertains to our new identity in Christ. More easily are we taken out of orphanhood than the feeling of orphanhood comes out of us…”

Does “Systemic Racism” Exist?
Today’s buzzwords can cause confusion when terms mean different things to different people. Neil Shenvi addresses this question with academic definitions, popular definitions, and helpful clarity. Also, Dr. Shenvi was recently interviewed on the Apologetics Canada podcast: Critical Theory: Is It Compatible with Christianity?

A Case of Doxing — and Social Media ‘justice’
Technology allows immediate access to information. But what if that information even has an accidental error (let along intentional twisting)? One recent case is: What It’s Like to Get Doxed for Taking a Bike Ride. Perhaps instant justice via social media isn’t the surest path to justice.

A-boat Mercy
Even simple events of childhood can illustrate profound and personal theology.

What the Tentmaking Business Was Really Like for the Apostle Paul
We know Paul’s letters — thankfully! And here are some insights into the business side of things, including an approximation for the cost of writing 1 Corinthians (postage not included).

Visual Wonder
Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and creativity in “Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice” (7 min).

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Kyle Meeker
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