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Trust Your Sixth Sense
Better than Spiderman or a Bruce Willis film: “With a renewed mind, we can hope to develop a spiritual “sixth sense” that alerts us when something doesn’t feel right. Now, this feeling is not the Word of God and it isn’t infallible. There are times when something doesn’t feel right because I ate too many tacos. But, when we have immersed ourselves in God’s word and developed this skill of discernment, it becomes the initial warning that should drive us to God’s word … to pray fervently and to search the scriptures for guidance.”

Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers
Dane Ortlund’s book shows Jesus as such and delves into the question: “Does Jesus Really Like Me?” in a podcast interview. Pastor Greg Harris also recently reflected on the encouragement he received from Ortlund’s book.

3 Things Biblical Humility Is (And Isn’t)
Humility is needed to calibrate humility to Scripture.

The Cross and Atonement: two interviews
In a recent Mennonite Brethren podcast, two local pastors (Ray Harms-Wiebe from Willingdon and Jeff Bucknam from Northview) discuss the cross of Christ in “The Whole Character of God.” Similarly, William Lane Craig describes various and vital aspects of what Jesus accomplished in the atonement.

Brokenhearted Boldness: A Christian Alternative to Outrage Culture
While stringing together pearls of Scripture, John Piper writes: “… the point here is that God intends for the beauty of brokenheartedness to mingle with the beauty of boldness so that a new reality emerges even more beautiful than the sum of both — a new reality called brokenhearted boldness. It is one of God’s most beautiful works.”

The Image of God Restored
A brief yet profound analogy.

She took a job as a nursing home dishwasher just so she could see her husband
A heart-warming story. Love knows no bounds.

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Kyle Meeker
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