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How Everything Became About Race, Gender, and Identity
“You can’t read the news, you can’t scroll through Twitter, you can’t browse a bookstore, you probably can’t even talk to a neighbor without realizing that somehow everything has become about race, gender, and identity.” Tim Challies reviews what may be “one of the best and most important books of 2020.”

Will the New Creation Look Like This One?
In this 14-minute podcast (with transcript), John Piper addresses these questions: “Will the new creation look a lot different than this world looks right now? Or will it be very similar? “When the sin and sorrow is gone, what can we expect to see?

Finding the Joy of Generosity
” … be creative in how you think about what God has given you and how your life can be poured out for the sake of others. Let me try to get very concrete here by focusing on your family. God reveals himself in everything, that everything is an invitation to know God…”

Not Enough Atoms in the Universe to Model Your Brain
“Elon Musk, our real-life Tony Stark, plans to announce this week the progress of his company Neuralink, which is dedicated to developing a Body Machine Interface (BMI); specifically, implanting a computer connection into the human brain.” … Yet, “Computers do not work like our minds do, and they are, in fact, nothing like the brain. And increasing their processing power or attaining an ever-greater accumulation of data on the internet will never bring on consciousness, a phenomenon that scientists understand even less than how the brain works.”

What Governs History?
History has, well, a long history of reflection. This 5 Minutes in Church History podcast (with transcript) adds a Christian perspective to two common extremes: “nothing governs history” or “the Fates govern history.”

The Wonder of The Independent God.
The God-ness of God is profound. Aseity is God’s self-existence. God is “I AM” (Ex 3:14). God is “from Himself,” lacking nothing, needing nothing. Deep thoughts. And poetry helps us reflect on this concept.

“For all are from

the source independent, of glory unthievable,

whose name is I AM, rightly enthroned.”

A Wonder of God’s Creation: A Talking Parrot
Einstein, an African grey parrot, speaks.


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Kyle Meeker
Theological and Leadership Development Pastor