Our story picks up just after the Northern Kingdom of Israel has experienced the judgment of God; the Assyrians have invaded. All that remains is the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Hear the Word of the Lord through the last minor prophets that warn and plead with Judah to return to their God from worshipping idols. These next two studies will take us all the way to summer!

Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah

We will also have two mornings where we will overview the books of Jonah and Hosea in their entirety.

Finally we will finish the narrative of 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles. This is an important milestone and one that you will not want to miss!

Even if you have never studied the history of Israel (or used the Precept Inductive method) before, you can pick up mid-story and learn about the God of yesterday, today and forever – HE never changes and His character is what we cling to in times of trouble – He is the only anchor that holds true and holds US fast. Each study is a stand-alone.

We have learned deeply this past Fall semester that the minor prophets have great application for us today. Learn how God can call you, keep you and hold you. Forever. And learn how to live a life worthy of the calling He’s placed on your life.

Our inductive Bible studies include time in discussion groups (in person and online only options available) as well as a weekly teaching session to help observe, interpret, and apply these scriptures to our daily lives. The weekly commitment is approximately 4-5 hours of personal study time as well as a 9:30-11:30am discussion and lecture time on Thursday mornings.

Our registration for the Winter semester is now closed but you are still welcome to study alongside us! If you missed the registration deadline or if you have any questions regarding this study please email [email protected]

Thursday AM Precept Upon Precept