Ministry Apprenticeship Program


What is the Ministry Apprenticeship Program?

The Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is an eight-month program specifically designed for students enrolled in Columbia Bible College (Columbia) who are in the third or fourth year of their full-time undergraduate studies and seeking practicum hours/ministry experience.

MAP combines theological education with practical ministry experience. Courses include: Theology of the Church, Homiletics, Ministry Essentials, and Spiritual Formation in Ministry. Each course is fully accredited through Columbia and, while the coursework provides a solid theological foundation, the practicum hours will allow students to apply what they have learned in a ministry setting.

Why should I apply for the Ministry Apprenticeship?

The goal of MAP is to help develop young adult leaders as they prepare for vocational ministry. The classes as well as the ministry practicum take place at Northview Community Church’s Downes Road campus. MAP offers a lively and fun learning environment where Columbia students are encouraged to ask questions, dig deep into scripture, and consider their own gifts and interests in light of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19). Northview, through God’s blessings and provisions, is uniquely equipped to engage students through a variety of robust ministries and theological resources as well as through the expertise, experience, and passions of its staff and pastors.

In our desire to help students with the costs associated with schooling, all required texts and books for the classes taught in the Ministry Apprenticeship Program are provided at no charge. Additionally, the ministry exposure trip is fully paid for by Northview. Finally, all Columbia students who are accepted into MAP are eligible for the Northview Ministry Scholarship.

How to apply

Step 1

Contact the Columbia Bible College registrar’s office and let them know of your interest in the program.

Step 2

Apply online for an Apprenticeship Placement at Northview using the button below. Once you have submitted the online application, Stephanie will be in touch with you regarding the next steps.

Applications are accepted until positions are filled. We recommend that applications be returned by February 28, 2022 to be considered for all placement opportunities.

Please note that the steps following the submission of your online application will include a more detailed questionnaire and interviews with our program staff and pastors.


Not a student at Columbia?

We would love to talk to you about potential opportunities!

Contact our team at [email protected] to begin the conversation.

For more information, students can contact the MAP Team at [email protected] or the registrar’s office at Columbia Bible College.

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The Northview Leadership Institute is excited to release its first issue of Ecclesia. This collection of writings is a resource for church members, students, and church leaders to engage with a host of topics relevant to the local Canadian church. Our hope is that it not only serves as a vehicle through which readers can reflect more deeply on the issues of the day, but also as a way to exemplify how God’s Word should serve as the primary lens through which Christians are to engage the world around them.

The first issue of the Ecclesia Journal of Practical Theology is out now! Pick up a physical copy at one of our campuses, or download for free below.

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Northview Worship Team Application

We are excited that you’re interested in being a part of our worship teams at Northview! It is a fun, challenging, and rewarding ministry. If God has gifted you with musical or technical talent, we want you to be able to use it for His glory! This is a somewhat complex ministry with many moving parts, so for your advantage, and that of the worship ministry as a whole, there is a short process to become a regularly scheduled member of our worship teams. Here are the first few steps…

  • Prayerfully consider your involvement.
  • Please read the Worship Manual.
  • Fill out the application below and click submit.
  • Someone on the worship leadership team will contact you about your application and schedule an audition time.


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We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work.


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