Welcome to Matthew Part 2, an inductive study of the book of Matthew

For centuries Israel had eagerly anticipated the fulfillment of prophetic promises that God would send them a savior: a King from the line of David would establish His Kingdom. This study will focus on Matthew 13-20 as we continue our study of what Jesus’s own disciple, Matthew, uniquely recorded from the life and teachings of the long-awaited King. Over 8 weeks, we’ll learn how Jesus responded to rising opposition, what He taught His followers about His Kingdom, and what it looks like to be a citizen of the true and merciful King. We’ll see how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament promises of this King – not just for Israel, but for the whole world!

If you missed Matthew Part 1, don’t worry, you can jump right in and we’ll catch you up on what we’ve covered so far!

These studies are approximately 1-2 hours of weekly homework and is available at our Downes Road Campus. Zoom option available.

This is an inductive study using Northview Curriculum. The inductive method is three simple steps: Understanding their story (Observation), How it connects to God’s story (Interpretation), and then how it applies to our story (Application).

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