At Northview Kids, we value the importance of investing in kids’ faith journey and showing them the love of Christ.

But we need your help! There are various ways to serve with Northview Kids, whether working directly with kids is your thing, or if you’d like to greet families as they arrive at church. You can even provide security during the services. Read on for all the ways to serve the kids and families of Northview.

If you have any questions about these roles, we’d love to answer them! Contact

Grade School
Serve with the kids who are in kindergarten through grade 5. Each group has one classroom leader and one classroom helper. After all grade school kids finish the large group time, they break into smaller groups in the classrooms to go over the lesson and make their craft.

Work with the age 2’s, 3’s or 4’s in the preschool! Classrooms consist of a teacher and classroom helpers. Play with the little ones, read through the Bible story with them, and help them make their crafts.

Cuddle babies ages 6 months to 24 months. We have two areas for nursery: a side for those who can’t walk yet, and a side for the little ones who move about on their own. Play and snuggle – that’s all we ask!

Welcome/Registration Team
Welcome families as they check in their children and assist first time families as they create a new account with our Check Ins system. Help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere as families arrive, and then head to the service!

Craft Prep Team
Help us during the week by preparing crafts for our weekend services and other projects. Cutting, counting, packing, and tracing! Show up and we’ll get crafting with you!

Security/Hall Monitor
The Hall Monitor ensures children’s safety as they go from large group session to their classrooms, and keeps an eye on and assists either the preschool/nursery area or the grade school area during the service.

Special Events
Throughout the year, Northview Kids hosts a variety of special events for kids and families of Northview, ranging from Lego Nights to Family Movie Nights. Help out with set up and take down, or supervise kids during the event!

Imagine Supportive Care
During the Sunday morning services, the Imagine ministry serves the families of Northview who have children with special needs. Hang out with some amazing kids, supervise play, and reinforce Biblical truths in the lives of the kids.