Day 1

Understand their story

Read John 2:12-25, today we’ll focus on v13-17. This next “sign” centers on the temple, the heart of the religious system at the time, and the place where God dwelt with His people.

    • When do these events take place? What is the significance of that feast (hint: see Ex 12:1-20)?
    • Who does Jesus drive out of the temple (the outer court – the Court of the Gentiles)?
    • What reason does He give for His actions? What is the significance of Jesus calling the temple, “my Father’s house?”
      • The outer courts of the temple were typically a place where anyone could come and pray. Why then do you think Jesus took issue with all those selling animals and lending money (to be used as sacrifices)?
  • Reflect: what kind of worship was Jesus zealous for in His Father’s house?


Pray today in confession for the ways that our worship of God has gone from holy adoration and persistent prayer to noisy, busy, and focused on the wrong pursuit; full of bustle, but devoid of life.

Day 2

Understand their story

Reread John 2:12-25. Remembering that yesterday, we saw Jesus clear the temple of those who had turned God’s house into a market, today we’ll focus on v18-25 and His interaction with the Jewish leaders and the people.

    • In v18 the Jews challenge Jesus’ authority after he cleanses the temple. What event(s) is Jesus referencing in His response (hint: He tells us in v21-22)?
      • What comparison is He drawing with the temple (ie. Who is the temple)?
      • When did the disciples gain a full understanding? What was their response?
  • What is the significance of Jesus’ words in relation to the purpose of His coming?
  • How did people respond to the signs they witnessed Jesus doing?
    • Based on Jesus’ response by not fully revealing Himself to them, was their belief genuine and lasting?
    • By implication, who does Jesus promise to entrust himself to? How does this encourage or challenge you?


Pray today in adoration for the way Jesus came as the new temple of the Living God, dying and rising again in victory over sin.

Day 3

Connect to His story

Today we’ll consider a few Old Testament texts that add fullness and understanding to our passage. First, reread John 2:12-25.

  • Read Psalm 69:9 (referenced in John 2:17) → Just like King David, the Son of David was consumed with zeal for God’s temple. What does David say is the result of aligning himself with God? What reproach (ie. insult, disgrace) will Jesus go on to suffer? 
  • Read Malachi 3:1-4 → Who will suddenly come to God’s temple? What will He do upon arrival? Who will be purified and what was their significance? As a result, what kind of worship will be restored?
  • Read Jeremiah 17:10 → According to this passage, Who knows the heart of man? What does each person receive as a result? How does this add to your understanding of John 2:23-25?


As the true and better David, Jesus came to usher in a new covenant through the shedding of His blood, enabling believers to worship God both in spirit and in truth. Pray today in supplication for those who have yet to trust in this Saviour.

Day 4

Connect to His story

In our text this week, we’ve seen how Jesus came to restore proper worship, and then replace the temple with Himself! Read through John 2:12-25, and then we’ll look at what the temple means for us today.

  • Read Ephesians 2:11-22 → Make a list of all things we as believers are given through Christ Jesus. Who is the cornerstone of the household of God? What is the whole church referred to as in v21? If the temple was the dwelling place of God amongst the Jews, who is the dwelling place for God now?
    • How does this encourage you today?


Pray today in thanksgiving that God has chosen to dwell, by His Spirit, in each of His children, and we now have immediate and unveiled access to the Father. What a gift!

Day 5

Apply to our story

  • Read John 2:12-22 → Reflect on the significance of Jesus’ zeal for the temple of the Living God; zeal that eventually consumed Him on the cross for the sake of us, the church. Spend time in praise and adoration for His blood poured out, and the reality of His Spirit now indwelling every son and daughter.
  • Read John 2:23-25 → Reflect on the difference between a temporary excitement based on signs and healings, versus lasting faith that worships Jesus as Saviour until the end. Have you fully and wholeheartedly trusted Jesus as your Saviour? Are you continuing to trust Him wholeheartedly?