Day 1

Understand their story

  • Read John 6:60-71 and answer the following questions regarding the speakers:
    • Who is Jesus speaking to (and with) in verses 60 to 66?
    • Who is Jesus speaking to (and with) in verses 67 to 71?
  • The passage seems to alternate between focussing on those who believe Jesus and those who do not.  With this in mind, look more closely at the text: 
    • In verses 60 to 66, is the discussion about believers or non-believers? (don’t be confused by the use of the word “disciples” in verses 60 and 61.  We’ll look at this later in the week!)
    • What about in verses 67 to 69?
    • And in verses 70 to 71?
  • Does the end of chapter 6 end on a positive or negative note regarding those who claim to be disciples of Jesus?


If you are a believer, pray today in thanksgiving that God the Father has granted that you be able to come to Jesus (v 65). If you have not yet committed your life to Christ, pray that He would remove your objections to His call, so that you too would answer as Peter does in verse 68-69 – “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life, and we have believed, and have come to know, that You are the Holy One of God.”

Day 2

Understand their story

  • Re-read John 6:60-71 and answer the following questions about the Triune God (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit):
    • Which person of God is the subject of verse 63? What does the text state that He does?
    • Which person of God is the subject of verse 65? What does the text state that He does?
    • Which person of God is the subject of verse 70? What does the text state that He does?
  • What do these verses say about the type of power that God holds?


Pray today in adoration of the God who is sovereignly in control of all things; of God the Father who grants us the grace to approach King Jesus; of God the Son who chooses those who will follow Him; and of God the Holy Spirit who gives life to all those who believe.

Day 3

Connect to His story

Jesus has just told His disciples, many of whom were likely present not long beforehand when he miraculously fed the five thousand, that He is the true bread of life. Many respond to this teaching by turning away from Him. Let’s look at other times in Scripture where people turned away from or against God, and how He responded.

  • Read 1 Kings 19:9-18. The prophet Elijah has just seen a great miracle of God in His victory over Baal’s prophets. Yet in this passage he is lamenting the faithlessness of Israel. How does God respond? How is it similar to this passage?
  • Read Psalm 89:19-33. God knows that His children will be faithless to Him – what is His response to this unfaithfulness (see verse 33)?


Pray today in confession of the times that you have doubted, denied, or disobeyed God. Thank God for his steadfast love for his people in the past, and his people today! Praise him for his faithfulness to us, despite our faithlessness. Thank him for all the ways he has cared for you.

Day 4

Connect to His story

  • Read through John 6:60-71 once more, focusing on verse 63. Jesus says “it is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all.”
    • Read Ezekiel 37:1-14.  What does God say the Spirit will do in this text?
    • Read John 16:1312-1514.  What is the work of the Spirit in this text? 
    • Read Romans 8:1-11. (if you are short on time, just read verses 1-2 and 10-11). What does the Spirit do for those who are in Christ Jesus? Rejoice in the truth that the Spirit glorifies Jesus by giving us life in His righteousness!


Pray today in thanksgiving, praising God for His life-giving and sustaining Spirit that glorifies Jesus by dwelling in us, so that in Him we might not be condemned. Pray also in supplication that we would be given the grace to honour He Who dwells within us in all of our lives.

Day 5

Apply to our story

Read John 6:60-71 one more time.

  • Back on day one, we considered the fact that many of those who turned away from Jesus were identified as His “disciples.” The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) tells us to “go and make disciples”, but then defines a true disciple as one who observes all that Jesus commands. Many times, you may run across a Scriptural teaching or word of Jesus and think “This is a hard saying. Who can listen to it?” (The word “listen” in verse 60 implies obedience).
    • What difficult teachings in Scripture have challenged you?
    • Where does verse 63 and 68 instruct us to turn when we are challenged by hard teachings? Do you turn to the Spirit and Jesus, or to your own flesh?


Pray today in supplication that the Spirit of God – His Holy Spirit – would continue to be at work within you, illuminating the Scriptures for you (both the good teachings and the hard teachings) so that you may, day by day, be renewed in your mind and transformed into one who knows and loves God more and more!