Day 1

Understand their story

Read John 1:35-51. 


As John shifts his focus to Jesus’ movements and actions, he tells of how the first disciples were called to follow Jesus.

  • List all the people who play a role in this passage, both named and unnamed.
  • List all the things you learn about them.
  • Summarize the way(s) in which they came to follow Jesus (v. 36-37; 41-42; 45-46).
    • Reflect: How were you called to follow Jesus?  Do you often look back and reflect on how that came to be?


Pray today in adoration and supplication.  Praise Jesus for the way in which you came to be his disciple, and ask that he would enable you to call others to follow him.


Day 2

Understand their story

Read John 1:35-51. 


John reports the first perceptions the earliest disciples had of Jesus.  

  • List the titles and descriptions that they ascribe to Jesus.
  • List all the reasons why they believed these things about Jesus (vv. 36, 39, 48).
  • Summarize the ways in which Jesus speaks to them as they come to him (vv. 38-39, 42, 47-51).
    • Reflect: How does Jesus respond to those who seek him?  How did you first feel when you realized that this is how Jesus was inviting you to see and know him?


Pray today in reflection and confession.  How often do you take time to remember the remarkable ways the Bible presents Jesus to us? What would your life look like if you were to grow in your daily remembrance of who Jesus is?

Day 3

Connect to His story

From our study on Day 2 we noted that there are specific titles and descriptions the earliest disciples attribute to Jesus. They are significant because they connect Jesus to the larger story of the Bible.

  • Lamb of God
    • Read Exodus 12:1-13. What was the purpose of the lamb in the Passover festival?
    • Read Isaiah 53:7-12.  What was to happen to “the lamb” in this passage (vv. 7-9)?  What would the lamb’s death accomplish (vv. 10-12)?  
    • How do these passages help us to understand what Jesus’ death would accomplish?
  • The Messiah/Christ (God’s annointed one)
    • Read 1 Samuel 2:4-10, and Psalm 2:1-3.  What is the expectation of God’s coming messiah/Christ/annointed one?
    • Read 2 Samuel 23:1.  Who does this passage first refer to as God’s annointed one?
    • How do these passages help us understand what kind of figure Jesus was for God’s people?  What should they expect him to do?


Pray today in adoration! John’s first disciples identify him as the Lamb of God and the messiah, who we know fulfilled for all who would believe in him that which Israel had long hoped for; deliverance from their enemies, and forgiveness of their sins!

Day 4

Connect to His story

John also records that Nathanael refers to Jesus as “the Son of God” and “the King of Israel”.

  • Read Psalm 2:4-12.  
    • What does God call the king of Israel (vv. 7, 12)?
    • What will God empower the king to do to those who oppose him (v. 9)?
  • Read 2 Samuel 7:12-16.  
    • Which of David’s offspring would be the next king? (hint: 1 Kings 1:29-30).  
    • What does God promise David  he will do in vv. 15-16?
  • When Nathanael calls Jesus “the Son of God” and “the King of Israel”, what does that show us he hopes Jesus will do?
    • Read Colossians 2:15, and then Hebrews 2:14-15.  How did Jesus accomplish this?


Pray today in adoration. Praise God that in Jesus he has kept all the promises he has made, and thank him that you get to benefit from Jesus’ victory because of God’s grace to all who have faith in Jesus.

Day 5

Apply to our story

John 1:35-51 shows us how it is that people come to know Jesus; through the invitation extended by those who know him already.

  • Who invited each of the first disciples to follow Jesus?
  • How did Jesus respond to each person who was brought to him?
  • According to v. 45, where can we point people to begin to prepare them to meet and receive Jesus?
  • Reflect: If you are a Christian, do you know that you are called to be a person who points people to Jesus?


Pray today in supplication, for those in your life who have either not yet been invited to come and see Jesus, or who have not yet accepted the invitation.  Also pray that God will fill you with his Spirit to boldly and patiently proclaim Jesus, and invite people to come and know him.