Day 1

Understand their story

Read John 5:16-47. Today we will focus on verses 16-29.

  • How do the Jews in this passage respond to Jesus? What are their reasons for this? 
    • What is Jesus saying that makes the claim he is “equal to God”?
  • How does Jesus respond to His opposition? 
  • In verses 19-25, what are the “truly, truly, I say to you” statements? 
    • What is Jesus saying about His identity in each?
  • How is it the Son does what the Father is doing? 
    • List the work both the Father and Son do.
    • What does the Father give authority to the Son to do? What is the reason given in verse 23? 
  • According to verse 23 and 29, why is it important to get the identity of Jesus right? 

Pray today in thanksgiving and supplication. Thank God that He Himself came in the person of Jesus to bring people to Himself. In humility, thank God that you know Him. Pray for those who don’t believe Jesus is God. Pray for opportunities to communicate the identity of Jesus with them clearly and lovingly. 

Day 2

Understand their story

Read John 5:16-47, paying attention to verses 30-47. 

  • List who/what are the witnesses that bear testimony to Jesus.
  • What reason does Jesus give for the things He is saying? 
  • How is it that the Jews of the time could search the scriptures and not understand Jesus’ identity? 
    • Who is it that they have placed their hope? How does this accuse them? 

Pray today in supplication for those in your life and spheres that are opposed to Jesus. Pray that they may hear His words and believe. Pray for those who may know the scriptures and yet reject Jesus’ authority as God. Pray that they would also have their eyes opened to who Jesus really is. 

Day 3

Connect to His story

Read through John 5:16-47 again today. In this passage Jesus claims the Father has given Him works to accomplish. We will go look at the Old Testament to see the works God was doing and how they correspond to the work Jesus talks about in this week’s passage. 

  • Read Genesis 2:7 & Job 10:11-12. What work does God accomplish in these passages?
    • Where in this week’s passage in John do you see that Jesus is a life-giver?
  • Read Genesis 18:22-25 & Judges 11:27. What actions are attributed to God in these passages? 
    • Where in John 5:16-47 do we see Jesus given the authority to do the same?


Pray in adoration today. Contemplate the significance of the work that God has done and continues to do and will do through Jesus. 

Day 4

Connect to His story

Read John 5:16-47. Jesus refers to all that bears witness to Him. Today we will see how He is  referring to Old Testament teaching regarding how the truthfulness of a person’s words should be established. 

  • Read Deuteronomy 17:2-6. According to verse 6, what is required for a guilty verdict? Why do you think this would be important? 
  • Read Deuteronomy 19:15-19. Again, what do we learn about the law concerning witnesses? 
  • Read Numbers 35:30. WIth all these passages in mind, what is the importance of multiple witnesses? 
  • What do you think this tells you about the reliability of Jesus’s claims in John 5:16-47? 


Pray today in supplication. Pray that you will see how all of Scripture points to Jesus and opportunities to share this with those who question who Jesus is. Pray for opportunities to be a witness to who Jesus is. 

Day 5

Apply to our story

Read John 5:16-47 for the last time today. In this passage Jesus responds to those who stand in opposition against Him. 

  • What mindsets and views do you think keep people from accepting Jesus as God today?
  • Are you convinced of Jesus’ identity? What reasons do you have for what you believe? How does Jesus’ response to his opposition help you? How could it help you respond to those who think Jesus was just a teacher or prophet? 
  • Vs 44 says that the Jews in opposition to Jesus sought glory from one another rather than God. Reflect on where you seek glory. How does this affect how you interact with unbelievers? 

Pray today in confession and supplication. Confess times when you are not seeking God’s glory in your life, pray that God would help you to seek His glory alone. Pray in supplication for those who are questioning the Christian faith. Pray that they would see the truth of who Jesus is and be convinced He is who He claims to be.