We know that Northview people love to be in God’s Word and often ask for direction on different devotional apps and reading plans.

While there are several good options available through various sources, we’d like to encourage you to join in our Northview Devotional Guide which will guide you to read and reflect on the passages preached in our weekend sermons! We hope this will unite our congregation around the study of God’s Word, and help us to more readily absorb and apply the great teaching provided by our preaching pastors. Each week we’ll be providing a suggested schedule for working through a passage slowly (15 minutes a day). You’ll need a Bible and a notebook or blank paper to record your observations.

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Each day we endeavour to 1) understand the story of the characters in the text; 2) connect to His story; and then 3) apply it to our story through adoration, confession and supplication.


  • Isaiah 42:17 identifies a key issue in these 2 chapters.  What is it?
  • Now focus on 2 sections which help us to understand the situation of people in this text.
    • According to Isaiah 42:21-25, why was Israel plundered and looted?
    • According to Isaiah 43:22-28, why was the nation destroyed?
      • Are there times when you, too, refuse to walk in God’s ways, and obey God’s laws?  (42:24), or when you burden and weary God by embracing sin rather than confessing it (43:24)? 


Pray in confession & repentance. God offers to blot out his people’s transgressions, and not remember their sins if they come to him in confession and repentance (Isaiah 43:25, 1 John 1:9)!




  • In Isaiah 44:9-20, the folly of worshipping idols is unpacked. What is the irony identified in this section of text: Why is it so ludicrous for people to worship idols? 
    • How / in what way do you see modern day people ‘worshipping’ things they have created themselves? What man-made things do we think will save us?
  • Psalm 106:34-43 explains the actions which arose from Israel’s idol worship. They were not simply foolish – what did idol worshipping cause them to do? 
    • Does this Psalm help you to understand why God allowed them to be judged?
    • What hope is there in this psalm as it ends (v 44-48)?


Pray in confession.  Are you putting too much trust in things that you have made, or other people have made? Is this potentially leading you to make decisions which don’t honour God or his people?




  • Re-read Isaiah 42:21-25 (from Day 1), and then continue forward into 43:1-7, 
  • Then re-read Isaiah 43:22-28 (from Day 1) and continue forward into 44:1-5.  
    • Despite the way his people have treated him, God remains committed to them!  
      • What does God tell them to do & why are they to do this (Isaiah 43:1,5; 44:2)?
      • What does God want them to know in Isaiah 43:1-7, 44:1-5?  
      • How does this description of God’s character and commitment to his people despite their sin encourage you today? 


Pray in Adoration to God for the grace and love with which he pursues his people, and calls them back to himself!




  • On Day 2 we examined what Isaiah 44:9-20 communicated about the irony surrounding idol worship.  Today we’ll look at other texts which unpack this idea in a story, poem and sermon!
    • An Old Testament Story:  Read 1 Samuel 5:1-5.  What happens in this story and how does it display the foolishness of worshipping idols?
    • A Poem:  Read Psalm 115.  What does this psalm say about the foolishness of worshipping idols? What does it call Israel to do instead?
    • A New Testament Sermon: Read Acts 17:22-31.  What, according to Paul, is the difference between the God that he serves, and the idols that the people in Athens serve?


Pray in Supplication. Ask God to remind you, continually, that He is high above all the “gods” of this world!!! 




  • Read Isaiah 44:21-23 (these verses apply the teaching of Isaiah 42-44; they tell us what God wants  people to do in response to what he has said).
    • What commands does God give to his people? 
    • How do these commands parallel the commands given in Psalm 115:9-13 (which we read on Day 4)?
      • In what way do you need to remember the truth about God’s supremacy today (44:21)?
      • Do you need to return to him (44:22)?
      • How can you worship God for his redemption today (44:23)?


Pray in Adoration, Confession and Supplication. What will you praise God for, based on what you’ve learned  this week? What might you need to confess?  What can you ask him for?