Community Groups

Thank you for taking the time to be equipped as a Community Group Leader. The ongoing pastoral care and discipleship you provide is a vital part of the ministry here at Northview. Our desire is to provide you with relevant assistance as you endeavour to provide care, connection, and content in your group each time you meet.
Below find links to previous training podcasts and CG Leader Breakfasts materials, including videos and pdfs.

Community Group Leader Training Podcasts

Season 04
S04 – Ep01: What is the Bible? Part 1: Inerrancy
S04 – Ep02: What is the Bible? Part 2: Sufficiency
S04 – Ep03: What is the Bible? Part 3: Clarity
S04 – Ep04: What is the Bible? Part 4: Authority
S04 – Ep05: What is the Bible? Part 5: Necessity

Season 03
S03 – Ep01: New Beginnings
S03 – Ep02: Elements of a Vibrant Small Group Part 1
S03 – Ep03: Elements of a Vibrant Small Group Part 2
S03 – Ep04: Elements of a Vibrant Small Group Part 3
S03 – Ep05: Toxic People
S03 – Ep06: Missional Community Groups Part 1
S03 – Ep07: Missional Community Groups Part 2
S03 – Ep08: Understanding the Sikh Faith
S03 – Ep09: Confronting Your Fears of Engaging with Your Neighbours
S03 – Ep10: The Authority of Scripture

Season 02
S02 – Ep01: Welcome Back!
S02 – Ep02: Adding New People to CGs
S02 – Ep03: Defining Success in CGs
S02 – Ep04: Prayer in CG
S02 – Ep05: Show Them How to Listen Well
S02 – Ep06: What did I get myself into?
S02 – Ep07: Analyzing from the Booth
S02 – Ep08: Accountability
S02 – Ep09: Instruments in the Hands of the Redeemer
S02 – Ep10: What a Good CG Looks Like

Season 01
S01 – Ep01: Three Good Ways to Solidify Your Community Group
S01 – Ep02: When Attendance is Irregular What Can you Do?
S01 – Ep03: Call Out the Spiritual Gifts in Your Community Group
S01 – Ep04: What is Discipleship?
S01 – Ep05: Dealing with CG Hijackers [The Talkative Hijacker]
S01 – Ep06: Dealing with CG Hijackers [The Emotional Hijacker]
S01 – Ep07: Dealing with CG Hijackers [The Leader Hijacker]
S01 – Ep08: Dealing with CG Hijackers [The Late Hijacker]
S01 – Ep09: Summer Strategies for Community Groups
S01 – Ep10: Discerning New Leaders for Community Groups

Community Group Leader Breakfast Content Sessions

Apr 13, 2019: First Principles – video | First Principles
Jan 12, 2019: The Holy Spirit – video | Introduction | Marks of a Spirit-Filled Church
Sep 15, 2018: The Doctrine of Election  –  video | The Doctrine of Election
Jan 12, 2018: ISCAN  – Inerrancy | Sufficiency | Clarity | Authority | Necessity | ISCAN: Part 1 and Part 2
Sep 16, 2017: The Trinity History Revealed | History Resolved | Community | The Trinity

Leader Training Manual


Community Group Leader Breakfast Care Sessions
Apr 13, 2019: Applying Scripture to Care
Apr 13, 2019: Connecting with Your Neighbors
Jan 12, 2019: Loving Your People Well
Sep 15, 2018: CG Leader Self Care
Jan 13, 2018: Using Prayer in CG
Sep 16, 2017: Community Care
Sep 16, 2017: The Three C’s

Apr 13, 2019: Applying Scripture to Care
Jan 12, 2019: Loving Your People Well
Self Care: Part 1 and Part 2
Using Prayer in CG