One of the best things to happen to me these past two years is working with my doctor to find the right treatment for my depression and anxiety.

I know God has made us complex beings: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. When one part of us is off, it impacts the rest.

Long story short: Daily time of Bible reading and prayer, trying to eat well, and exercising didn’t help me (and what I’ve come to realize was my nagging moderate depression and severe anxiety). After a panic attack in November 2020, my doctor put me on some anti-depressants.

Adding that medicine to my daily life has made an incredible difference.

So yes, read your Bible, pray, exercise, and eat well. But if you’re still struggling. Get help. Talk to your doctor.

Jesus is the great physician, but sometimes he uses other lesser physicians to bring health to people.

And if religious people make you feel “less than” for taking meds to help with your mental health, send them to me. I’d be happy to talk some theology with them and help show them why they are wrong. | @gregharris7

If you are struggling and are looking for help we would love to talk. Reach out to and we will be in-touch.