People familiar with Christianity will often turn to the Bible when they are struggling with life; the death of a loved one, relationship struggles, failing health, financial burdens, and prodigal children. While various books of the Bible are used, one book in particular offers many comforts in our times of need, the Psalms.

As we move into a new sermon series, we have the joy of reflecting on seven Psalms. The beautiful use of poetry that reveals the heart of the Psalmist has always drawn people towards the Psalms for comfort and contemplative reflection. The Psalter covers questions so deep and profound to the human experience that they remain as relevant to contemporary readers as they were to its original ancient audience. As we look at our Seven Psalms series we hope you too can experience the beauty of their poetry and find solace in the word of God. So whatever you may be facing, be encouraged to contemplate on the word of God and be reminded that, “the afflicted shall eat and be satisfied; those who seek him shall praise the Lord!” (Psalm 22:26). Praise God that our satisfaction is found in the Lord.


I just want to be a Sheep.

Abbotsford  –  April 3, 2016  –  Psalm 23

God is with You

Mission   –  April 3, 2016 –  Psalm 23

Praise The Lord

Abbotsford  –  March 20, 2016  –  Psalm 117

Purposed Praise

Mission  –  March 20, 2016

How Long, O Lord?

Abbotsford  –  March 13, 2016  –  Psalm 13

Living With Sorrow

Mission  –  March 13, 2016  –  Psalm 13

Hearing God

Abbotsford / Mission  –  March 6, 2016  –  Psalm 19

House Rules

Abbotsford  –  February 28, 2016  –  Psalms 15

House Rules

Mission  –  February 28, 2016  –  Psalms 15

A Better Way… Amidst Divergent Worldviews

Abbotsford / Mission  –  February 21, 2016  –  Psalm 1

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