A place for people to come find Food, Friends, and Purpose.

The Vision of The Pantry

The goal of this initiative is to re-focus us on the very nature of the church – to be in community and support one another. We’re calling it The Pantry; a place where people may find food, friends, and purpose. Sunday afternoons from 1-3PM we will welcome the public to our drop-in pantry. As people arrive, they’ll be paired with a volunteer and will shop from our selection of non-perishables, fresh produce, dairy, meat, and other household items. A warm meal will be provided, which will allow people to linger a little longer, observe how our church serves alongside each other, and hopefully build meaningful friendships that will lead to conversations about the hope we have in Jesus.

This project will also include a large scale garden, where we will grow a lot of our own produce. We are planning kids games, crafts, and activities for children who attend the pantry. Bonfires, cookouts, and harvest parties are also in the plans to offer us even more opportunities to interact with our community.

Join us!

Sunday afternoons from 1-3PM

Upcoming Events

Fill The Pantry

We will be doing Fill the Pantry the last weekend of each month. Contact [email protected] for future Fill The Pantry dates.