Let’s finish off the book of Hebrews!  

We want to continue to ‘meet’ together, to encourage one another, to keep each other accountable in the Word!

So this is how we will do it:

  • Your leader will be in touch with you regarding your discussion group.
  • We will meet at our regular time: Mondays @7-7:40p.m. We will meet online!
  • After Discussion group there will be a LIVE teaching on Instagram at 8pm (@northviewmondayprecept).

What you will need:

  • A laptop or desktop will allow you to see everyone in your discussion group at the same time BUT a phone or tablet will allow you to participate as well.
  • The ZOOM app. www.zoom.us OR the App store depending on which technology you will use.
  • You will need to create a free account on ZOOM. Please do this for each participant in your household.
  • Practice it with a couple friends or family members!

We will continue to do a few ‘instagram live’ things during the weeks ahead so @northviewmondayprecept is how to access that.

PLEASE ask any questions, share any prayer requests through precept@northview.org.

Hebrews part 3 starts on April 20. Let’s get your books to you for Hebrews Part 3 so we can FINISH the book!

We have 20 extra studies so new ladies are welcome to join! Please email Cindy at precept@northview.org to request a book. The cost is $15.