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Youth in a Box #2

We are assembling our second Youth in a Box kit that we will be delivering to your homes on either December 14 or 15! Even if you received a kit last time, you can sign up to get another one!
The kits will include a lesson, crafts, projects, and prizes and will include all different items than last time! Online Registration is required if you are interested in receiving one of these. Registration will open Wednesday December 9th at 9am and closes Saturday December 12th at 5:00pm.
We are personally delivering these in order that the youth can experience the “personal” touch from the leaders, even if we are just dropping them on your doorstep. While the kits can be explored by just your middle school student, there will also be opportunity for the family to engage with the material.
There is no cost for the kits.


Mar 30 2023
Michala Los


Michala Los
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