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Monday Evening Women’s Kings and Prophets Bible Study (PUP)

Join us as we embark on the study of the minor prophets Obadiah, Joel, and Amos as well as delving into some of the final chapters from 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles (the Northern Kingdom’s final destruction story).

These books tell the story of wayward Israel (and some neighbours) and the prophets that came after Elijah and Elisha to warn the kings and their kingdoms of God’s impending judgement should they continue in their rebellious ways. We’ll see the seriousness of sin and the faithfulness of God’s promises…for judgment and for revival.

How could history from 3000 years ago be applicable to us today?

God has been clear in His Word about the nature of repentance and a life lived out of repentance. The sins of Israel are no different than the sins we battle personally and corporately today; sins of injustice and idolatry, sins of self-sufficiency and distrust of God’s Word. In today’s current climate we are seeing verses about God’s justice pop up everywhere. Let’s see what HE has to say about justice so we can minister well to the world around and we can know and love God more for ourselves.

While the text is thousands of years old it will minister to your heart and call you to a life of sold-out discipleship to Jesus. It will confront our sin and call us to a hopeful future in Christ.

Please note that while registration is now closed you are still welcome to join us in study by sending us an email/RSVP to: precept@northview.org


Sep 14 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




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