Weekly Bible Study: EXODUS (Fall 2018)

*SUMMER STUDY* In preparation for our study of Exodus in the Fall, we invite you to join us in reading through Genesis this summer. July reading will be Genesis 1-25 with an evening of worship, discussion, and teaching on Wednesday, July 25th @7pm in West Court. August reading will be Genesis 26-50 with a meeting on Wednesday, August 22nd @7pm in West Court. We look forward to seeing you there:)

To download the study guides to date: http://northview.org/genesis

Women’s Bible Study is intergenerational and open to women who are single or married, Christian or seekers of God, from Northview or elsewhere. Worship time interspersed according to weekly schedules. As we sit at tables together and slowly work through a Biblical book, we discover how God wants to challenge, encourage and change us.We would love for you to join us!


7:00 – 9:00 pm in Lower Court at the Abbotsford Campus

Fall: September 17-December 3, 2018

Winter: January 14-March 11, 2019

Spring: April 1-May 13, 2019

Cost: $10 registration payable once per semester Financial Assistance is available to cover these fees.
No Childcare Available


9:15 – 11:30 am in Centre Court @ the Abbotsford Campus

Fall: September 19-November 28, 2018

Winter: January 16-March 13, 2019

Spring: April 3-May 15, 2019

Cost: $10 registration payable once per semester. Financial Assistance is available to cover these fees.
Childcare Available: See Wednesday Kids below.

Please check back in August to register

Walk ins are always welcome! If you would still like to join us in our study please just come, fill out a registration card, grab a workbook and grab a seat. We look forward to meeting you:)


We believe that the words of the Bible are God’s very words and are “profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness”, enabling us to be “complete, equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16b-17). Consequently, the Bible is at the centre of our Monday PM and Wednesday AM Bible studies.

Each session typically includes:

  • LOOK: 30 min. of  table group discussion/review about the day’s Bible passage.
  • KNOW: 30 min. of teaching about the Bible passage & connecting it to the bigger picture of God’s word.
  • LIVE: 60 min. of teaching & table group discussion on how to apply this new knowledge to our daily lives, followed by a time of prayer.

Contact us at women@northview.org

Wednesday Kids Childcare

Wednesdays:  9:00 – 11:45am
Ages: Nursery and Preschool
Cost: $2 per child per session for children whose mom is participating in the program. Financial Assistance is available to cover these fees.

Wednesday Kids childcare is available for moms* attending our Wednesday Morning Bible Study. While the moms are connecting with one another and growing in their faith, their children are also learning and growing! Wednesday Kids is so much more than just a daycare program. Children learn about Jesus through crafts, funny puppet shows, songs, Bible, drama skits and exciting stories! When the children arrive they are greeted with a teacher who truly desires to get to know them and share God’s love with them. Often they will go home with a craft in hand and a song in their heart!

*If you are providing care for someone else’s child and would like to discuss attending our Bible study please contact us at the address below.

Want more info? Contact us at women@northview.org

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