Precept Upon Precept


Mondays: 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the Abbotsford Campus
9:30 – 11:30 am in Abbotsford (email for location details)
Winter: Startup is January 16, 2017.

James: “James is a short book tucked away near the back of the New Testament. Once you have skimmed its surface even slightly, you will wonder why James has not become the primary reader for every chid of God who longs to know how true faith behaves. As the weeks go by , you will understand faith’s works.”

Cost: $26

To Register: Pre-registration for returning students is now closed but if you missed the deadline and would still like to join or if you are new to precept there is always room. Please contact for information on purchasing a study if you would still like to join in the study.

No Childcare Available

Monday Evening Format: We begin @ 7pm with one hour in a Discussion Group of 20-30 women and 2-3 leaders to help bring understanding to the text we’ve studied all week, ‘What does this mean?’. This will be an environment where participation is welcome but a back row is always available for those who just like to take it in. We will then gather in the Worship Centre for prayer, worship and teaching that focuses on the application of the text to our everyday lives, ‘How shall I now live in light of what I’ve learned in His Word?’. Our evening will wrap up at 9pm.

Throughout the semester we will offer an ‘Elective Night’ where a variety of classes will be offered (eg. Study Tools, How the Bible Came To Us, Prayer).

This study utilizes an ‘inductive’ approach with an end goal of having you know how to study your Bible and then how to apply transformative truth. We simply walk through the Bible a book, chapter, verse at a time asking “What is this saying?” What does this mean?” and finally, “How am I to I live in light of God’s truth?”

Through the daily, in-depth observation and study of God’s Word, our prayer and hope is that we will grow as Christ’s disciples; being nourished, sustained, sanctified and revived (Psalm 119) and then sharing this truth with others.

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