Bible Overview

Bible Overview will be hosted in the Atrium at the Abbotsford Campus.
Cost is $10 which is payable by cash or cheque at the door.

The Bible Overview is a 27 week course that will help you to understand how the 66 books of the Bible fit together as one big story. It traces God’s promises from where they begin in Genesis to where they are fulfilled in Revelation, and show how God revealed His plan to people, little by little, over thousands of years. This course will give you a solid foundation from which to understand all books of the Bible. The questions are thought provoking, and you may have to spend some time pondering them, but in our weekly get togethers we will share what we have studied, and help put all pieces together. This course is open to all participants, and is “required” for anyone who desires to teach in Women’s Ministry at Northview.

Time Commitment:

  • Weekly homework: 1-2 hours reading & answering questions
  • Weekly group discussion: Friday mornings 9:00am-10:30am (9 sessions in Fall, 9 in Winter and 9 in Spring)

*Although this course began on September 22, 2017 you are still welcome to join us! Please contact us @ for more information.

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