Story Time

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. His ministry was characterized by miracles for masses, confrontations with religious leaders, sermons on mountains, and telling lots of stories. The Word became flesh, and he was a brilliant story-teller.

Jesus had an ability to use images and examples from everyday life to make important points about who he is, what it means to follow him, the nature of the Kingdom that he was bringing with him, and how to live as citizens of that Kingdom.

Jesus told many, many stories, usually referred to as parables . The next few weeks we will be looking at just six of the incredible stories that Jesus told during his ministry: A prodigal son, a good Samaritan, a shrewd manager, a rich man and Lazarus, labourers in the vineyard, and a wedding feast.

The Word became flesh, and he told lots of stories. It’s storytime.


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