At Northview our goal is to equip Christians for Spiritual Growth.

Below are resources that will help in your pursuit for individual growth, as you raise your family, and as you engage in community with other believers!


Northview’s Resource Center

As of the weekend of January 19/20, the Resource Center will no longer have a physical space to visit and peruse resources. We have the intention of moving our database to an online server, but do not have a date set to launch that. Keep your eyes open for notice that this is going live!

If you have questions about this closure, please contact Stephanie at

Other Available Resources

Bible Study Resources

Northview records bible study teaching and many of our conferences. Find these resources below.

Northview Women Resources

Northview Men Resources

For inquiries about other study resources, please email


Join the Northview pastors as they discuss a variety of biblical and cultural topics.



Catch up on the current sermon series and find sermon specific questions that will foster discussion and fellowship with friends and family.


Who Are the Sikh’s?

Clarity and insight into the Sikh worldview. What do they believe? How can we connect with our Neighbour? For information and resources click here.

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