Resource Center

Resource Center Worker

The Resource Center has a large selection of fiction, non-fiction and theology DVDs and books for children, youth and adults and we are looking for people who:

  • Have knowledge of books or are interested in expanding their repertoire,
  • Have some computer experience,
  • Have a desire to help people find the right book.

What it looks like to work in the Resoure Center:

  • Scheduled in pairs so you are not alone
  • Shifts are 45 minutes (Saturday 5:00-5:30pm/6:15-6:30pm, Sunday 10:15-11:00am)
  • Welcome those who come in
  • Assist people in finding a book or direct them to the section they are intersted in
  • Use the computer to check books out & check books in
  • Reshelve books that have been returned
  • Keep the Resource Center tidy and orderly for the next team


Ministry Contact Person: Stephanie at