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Your Pregnancy Options (formerly known as The Fraser Valley Pregnancy Centre) provides tangible support to people in the community facing an unplanned pregnancy. They provide free pregnancy testing and pregnancy support information about abortion, adoption and parenting. Clients receive accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, lifestyle issues, and related concerns. Support is offered to women who have had abortions and are experiencing are facing difficult emotions and challenges.


Crisis Pregnancy Support

When we focus our attention on something important, other important things necessarily float into the periphery of our vision for a season. The objects in the periphery of our vision remain important, but simply are not object of focus at the time.

Abbotsford is a city with many vulnerable people (homeless, hungry, impoverished, disenfranchised, lonely, refugees, elderly, etc.) who are in need of advocacy and protection. There are also many great churches and ministries in our city providing support to these vulnerable people. Is there a need for further engagement, advocacy, and assistance in these areas? Certainly!

For the upcoming year the Missions Department will be investing the majority of our time and attention to helping the Northview church family pursue justice as an outgrowth of the gospel. The primary way that we will pursue justice locally is by engaging the crisis pregnancy issue and abortion issue primarily through our partnership with Your Pregnancy Options. The Local Missions Commission believes that it is important for our church to focus our attention on this cause because the stakes are high and the need is great.

Why partner with Your Pregnancy Options?

Your Pregnancy Options is in a season where our partnership has the potential to provide a tremendous positive impact. YPO is an explicitly faith based ministry that at its core desires to see lives transformed by God through repentance and belief in the gospel. YPO is affiliated with the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services and has over two decades worth of experience in post-abortion and crisis pregnancy counselling. Furthermore, YPO has a forward thinking plan to incorporate medical services (e.g. STI testing and ultrasound tests) as a part of their existing ministry plan. This plan will broaden their influence and give them an opportunity to build relationships with many people before a crisis pregnancy occurs.
What does the Bible have to say about abortion?
Ethics, Beginning of Life, and Abortion”

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Kendra Dahl shares her story
In the article “Redemption for the Scars” Kendra Dahl shares her story of a girl from a Christian, church-going family, who has found forgiveness and redemption because of God’s grace in the gospel.

If this topic brings up any unresolved issues or emotional pain, if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, or want to discuss a past abortion please connect with Your Pregnancy Options or the Northview Care Department at the contact information provided below.

Need Support?

Anita Manderson
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Northview Care Department

Vic Schellenberg
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Thaleia Sawatzky
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